Top 5 gamefi altcoin moonshots with 100x potential (part 2)

Followed the Top 5 GameFi Altcoin Moonshots With 100x Potential (Part 1), popular crypto channel Altcoin Buzz shares with their subscribers 5 additional altcoins with strong fundamentals and promising features to be the next blockbuster.

Vlaunch (VLAUNCH)

The first altcoin on the trader’s list is Vlaunch (VLAUNCH), a Metaverse project which is focussing on massive hype in the crypto ecosystem that operates on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Polygon.

Besides, the crypto KOL shares that he believes this project will make big explosion because since its creation, it wanted to create a big community, in which its native tokens, VLAUNCH, have a total supply of 50 million with a deflationary mechanism.

Besides, on October 11th, part of Vlaunch’s native token, $VLAUNCH, was given for free on Telegram.

“Did you know that Vlaunch has the most active crypto telegram in the space? With more than 40.2k members.”

CryptovsZombies (CVZ)

CryptoVsZombie is the ultimate crypto tower defense game requiring players to multitask in offensive and defensive modes. It is based on the unique Play-To-Earn and Compete-To-Earn model.

“CryptoVsZombie is the first compete-to-earn, competitive tower defence game, built on the Binance Smart Chain. Therefore the game has low fees for transactions, and management fees are crucial in making GameFi successful.”

Altcoin Buzz also adds that the platform will launch its IDO in InfinityPad, Redkite, GameFi, GameStation, Card Starter in Q1/2022. In the same period, this game will also launch an alpha version.

SolChicks (CHICKS)

The third crypto asset on the list is SolChicks (CHICKS). The project aims at creating the top fantasy NFT gaming environment built on Solana’s blockchain on the Solana blockchain.

“We like SolChicks because players will fight in PvP battles and PvE raids in a complete 3D real-time combat RPG, earning rewards and progressing their character. The game is around adorable SolChick NFT collectibles, where players use their SolChicks as characters in a unique gaming metaverse.”

Also, on November 26th, CHICKS tokens will be released on the Solana Network. In addition, in Q1-2022,  they will release the alpha version and Battle of the SolFox Challenge.

Legends of Elumia (ELU)

Legends of Elumia is a P2E metaverse where players collect, create, and play NFTs in a 3D multiplayer action RPG. As the trader says, because this game is built on the Solana network, it is quicker, less expensive, and more secure transactions.

“What we like about NFT characters and goods are available for purchase, play, and exchange. Tokens for governance and in-game money. Development is now underway, with a fully functional server and game infrastructure already in place.”

Pacific NFT

Last on the list is Pacific NFT, a decentralized NFT marketplace as well as a custodial platform for metaverse. Altcoin Buzz explains that PacificStore will be compatible and realize the ecology of purchasing and burning NFT collectibles on multiple blockchains, making it more convenient and efficient.

“We love this platform because its INO (Initial NFT Offering) combines IDO with the transferable nature of NFTs to give a novel crowdfunding alternative for companies looking to raise funds and effectively manage their communities.”

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