Top 5 Breaking Altcoins Set To Explode Next Months in 2022

Bitcoin shoots to $44,000 as US inflation hits 7.8% in December, and some Altcoins are starting to rebound even 20% and 30%.

Joe Parys, a famous entrepreneur in the cryptocurrency field, has highlighted top 5 breaking altcoins that are set to explode in the coming months in 2022, and the best part is that a lot of these Altcoins already exist are on the market, giving you the chance to buy today.


The firsrt altcoin to mention is MoonBeam (GLMR). Moonbeam’s mantra echoes what many blockchain developers have known for some time: “the future is multi-chain.” But more than that, tomorrow’s blockchain systems won’t work separately as they do now. They will communicate with each other and mesh together in a multiverse of blockchains in a way that will give users and developers the most benefits.

Moonbeam is an Ethereum (ETH) compatible smart contract para chain on Polkadot (DOT). This means that there are a lot of developers that have been building over on Ethereum. Moonbeam will be the easiest path to multi-chain and will have minimal configuration changes tools that are familiar with smart contract languages and pre-built integrations.

Moonbeam allows an easy path for migration from Ethereum. It also has a massive amount of partnerships, and they also won the second para chain auction and increased the rewards pool to over 50%.

NFTLaunch (NFTL)

NFTLaunch (NFTL) is the second altcoin to mention. NFTLaunch will provide a place for investors, creators, and businesses alike to come together and succeed together. NFTLaunch will be the home of Fair Distribution NDO’s (NFT Decentralized Offerings), Zero Gas Wars, Charitable Donations, Free NFT Airdrops, Token Burns, and much more! NFTLaunch will aim to create invaluable partnerships with some of the TOP NFT artists in the space and bring top-tier NDO’s to our community.

NFTLaunch is the first deflationary NFT launch pad, offering game-changing IDOs and NDOs with no gas wars, and is fairly distributed on a free NFT airdrop and incoming NFT projects. NFTLaunch has a variety of tiers. This incubator has deflationary tokenomics the main deflationary mechanisms of NFTLaunch include a 12% fee on all token sales and early unstaking fees up to 20%.


The next project on the list is ADAPad (ADAPAD). ADAPad aims to be an incubator program for new projects on Cardano at its core. ADAPad calls itself “the first deflationary launchpad for the Cardano ecosystem.” Since it launched, it has been similar to ETHPad, BSCPAD, and TRONPAD.

ADAPad is still trending down because tokens are being released more and more tokens in circulation, and the Cardano ecosystem is still lagging. But Bluezilla also has some massive projects in the works coming very soon, and many projects will be launching. This will help ADAPad bump in the near future.

VelasPad (VLXPAD)

The next altcoin to mention is VelasPad (VLXPAD). The First Launchpad on VELAS Blockchain is the fastest AVM Blockchain globally to date. VLXPAD is a deflationary launchpad token that grants users platform access to exclusive IDO’s, Staking Rewards, and much more. VLXPAD is incubated by the highly successful BlueZilla VC.

There are a lot more projects that are being incubated. Velas is exploding back towards the upside, and this cryptocurrency coin is very volatile. But a market cap is still under a billion dollars for this layer 1 solution, which created a promising altcoin project.

WagyuSwap (WAG)

The last project to mention on the list is WagyuSwap: The First DEX on the fastest blockchain Velas The finest cut of decentralized trading platforms will serve a nascent ecosystem already buzzing with dozens of new projects.

By staking WagyuSwap tokens, users of this project will receive 300% APY. This is an ecosystem that could potentially compete with many other layer ones in the future.

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