Top 5 Best Play-To-Earn Games Which Are Launched On Enjin

Enjin (ENJ), the creator of the ERC 1155 NFT standard, has grown to become one of the largest gaming and app NFT networks in the world. Its ecosystem is expected to witness the next round of explosive growth. Let’s check out 5 Enjin play-to-earn games to see which one is the most potential.

Kingdom Carnage

The first game is Kingdom Carnage. Kingdom Carnage is a virtual trading card game where assets in the game are tokenized and injected with engine cryptocurrency that may be withdrawn as NFTs.

Players can collect and enjoy buying selling and trading digital cards with other players. Kingdom Carnage has a very important ecosystem that includes characters, campaigns, dungeons, PVP, card rarities, and platforms.

In the marketplace, users can buy different kinds of packs bundles characters, and gems.

Users will win ENJ for winning battles and ranking in the top 100. Anyone can get Kingdom Carnage on steam and Android and you can also play it for the browser version.

Space Misfits

The second game to mention is Space Misfits. Space Misfits is a play to earn 3d multiplayer space game powered by Enjin blockchain technology. Players can explore new worlds, compete for limited resources, expand their fleet and make a fortune in space. This is a free-to-play game that requires a Windows PC.

In the marketplace, players can earn in-game cash called BITs. They can earn BITs by becoming a trader or hunting down NPCs but in the future, they will be able to trade their BITs into ERC 20 tokens that can be sold on an exchange.

9Lives Arena

The third game on the list is 9Lives Arena. This is a competitive online role-playing game that focuses on 1v1 PVP battles and 9Lives Arena is the first game to feature Ooogie.

9Lives Arena offers very rare limited edition item blueprints in its store on the blockchain which are ERC 1155 tokens.

There are four important features worth mentioning:

  • You can create. Users have no limits on creating being able to choose abilities, weapons, and skills.
  • There’s training. Users can level up their characters by fighting in the training arena equipping characters by collecting in-game resources to leverage the quality of your items.
  • There’s competing. Heroes can achieve level 30 which takes them to the inferno arena which you can fight with your nine lives.
  • There’s Ooogie who is the world’s first cross-platform companion.

Age Of Rest

The fourth game is Age Of Rest, a first-person action-adventure puzzle game set in a dark Sci-Fi future when artificial intelligence has seized control of the galaxy. Users can explore many locales, look for clues, and solve difficult puzzles to discover the path ahead.

They can unlock special in-game items. This game supports a list of tokens in the Enjin multiverse, tokenomics, RUST, BITs are the official token for Age Of Rest and you can use them for buying items in the game for future airdrops.


The last potential game on the list is Hololoot. Hololoot is the first augmented reality metaverse with an NFT generator marketplace. Players can generate an NFT while they achieve milestones in the game and this format can be used to generate AR NFTs from any compatible 3d model.

Hololoot’s huge potential comes from the pioneering AR NFTs and allowing creators to have a scalable solution to create them.

Hololoot uses a specialized AR tech to create a no-code AR NFT generator and marketplace which unlocks significant commission revenues.

Only Hololoot offers staking rewards that can build the currency and earn staking NFTs Hololoot. It has lots of support from investors and advisors. This game made headlines recently by introducing a staking platform, where users can invest in the HOL, BUSD, LP tokens with an APR (annual percentage rate) of over 8,000%.

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