Top 5 best altcoins for June 2021, says top crypto strategist Benson

In the latest video, the popular trader Benson from Benson Crypto reveals the top 5 best altcoins with massive potential to have explosive gain in June.


Cardano (ADA)

The first altcoin on the June list is Cardano (ADA). Cardano has just released its Alonzo smart contract testnet which is a major milestone that their community have all been waiting for.

“It takes us one step closer to the full Alonzo release which will give us the full implementation of smart contract framework on the Cardano ecosystem”.

At the time of the video, the coin was trading at $1.48. According the crypto KOL, he is waiting for a buying opportunity at a lower dip at around $1.20, yet the trader believes that ADA is going to recover very strongly after the this dip.

Theta (THETA)

Next on Benson’s radar is Theta (THETA), which has also consolidated with the overall bearish market. However, Bension holds an optimistic view that the mainnet 3.0 upgrade will be the price catalyst for Theta’s massive explosion.

“Back in March, which was the initial reason for this massive increase, which as you can see here spiked all the way from around 6 or 7 dollars to a high of around 14.70 in just the space of like 10 days”.

Hence, he adds:

“So now we’re finally having this upgrade coming in June and so if we do see a similar increase like what happened back in March when people originally thought the mainnet was coming then, we could see the price rocket up in a very short period of time”.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum (ETH) is the next altcoin on the list, which is also the altcoin that Bension is very bullish on for the next months.

“Ethereum will have a very strong summer. It has the EIP-1559 upgrade coming in July. along with the London hark fork, and a possible layer to scaling solution, assuming it doesn’t get delayed”.

As Benson says, these upgrades will greatly improve the network in many key areas such as reducing the fees, introducing fee burning which will lead to a similar effect to Bitcoins (one of the biggest catalysts for Bitcoin is its having that cuts the reward for miners in half every four years, reduces the supply, and boost the price because as long as the demand remains the same, if the supply isn’t increasing and vast then that leads to a higher price).

Injective Protocol (INJ)

The fourth altcoin on the list is Injective Protocol (INJ) with its biggest catalyst that has coming like THETA is its mainnet launch coming at the end of June.

“Injective protocol is a big project in the top 200 so a lot of people will be paying attention to it as it gets closer to its release at the end of June”.

The crypto KOL says that it is possible to see some lower dips in the short term if levels of fear return to the market and the price will explode afterwards when the upgrade is launched.


Last altcoin on the list of June is XRP. The network has been battling the SEC for months since December 2020. 

“XRP will play out very well in June if we do hear more positive news, and the market bounces back strongly, which I think is likely. XRP has very strong support, as you can see around kind of 60 to 65 cent, and we’re pretty close to it right now, which makes the downside risk much smaller. Because XRP didn’t get a massive pump back in February”.

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