Top 4 Yield Farms on Pancake Swap That Provides Best Passive Crypto Gains, According to Crypto Strategist Ben Armstrong

High-profile trader Ben Armstrong unveils top 4 yield farm pairs on Pancake Swap with offering the lowest risk and highest APR options that will allow traders to make gains in any crypto market.


According to Armstrong, this is a high earner with an APR of 210%. The pair is pretty high considering both BSCPAD and BNB are legitimate projects.

“Sometimes, a high APR can be a red flag that a pair has a high-risk level and that there could be a rug pull on the price of an asset when a whale dumps the price, resulting in impermanent loss for the yield farmer,”

BSCPAD is a utility token for the BSC Launchpad, decentralized IDO platform that works on the Binance Smart Chain network. Staking BSCPAD gives users access to airdrop allocations.

The purpose of BSCPAD is to allow people to get access to IDOs or initial DEX offerings without the price being inflated and dumped by bots getting whitelist allocations in seconds.”

Meanwhile, WBNB is simply a wrapped BNB token. A wrapped token is a whole new token on a different blockchain that’s pegged to the value of another token. In this case, WBNB is pegged to the price of BNB.


Next up is the FRONT/BNB trading pair with an APR of 122%.

Frontier (FRONT) is a mobile application that aggregates or combines together separate DeFi platforms and makes them compatible with each other. Currently, Frontier supports multiple chains, protocols and platforms as well as staking from Ethereum, Binance Chain, Kava, Harmony, Cosmos, Maker, Aave, Balancer, Yearn, Matic and BandChain, among others.


According to the crypto KOL, this pair has an APR of 119%.

Harmony (ONE) is a sharding protocol that provides two-way bridges that allow cross-chain asset transfers with Ethereum, Binance and other chains. Harmony has staying power because it has an active community, consistent development and is focused on making NFT trading on Ethereum better, cheaper and faster.

Just this year, they announced expansion onto SushiSwap. They also have NFT partnerships with Atari and Travala.”


CAKE/BNB pair has an APR of 65%.

CAKE is a Binance Smart Chain native BEP-20 token and is used to incentivize liquidity provision on the PancakeSwap platform: “The CAKE token was launched in September 2020 during the food-themed DeFi craze along with BAKE and SUSHI and the majestic Ethereum DeFi token that seems to somehow fit well in this picnic.”

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