Top 4 Secrets To Make 100x With Tiny Cryptos In 1 Week

If you had bought Polygon (MATIC) or Terra (LUNA) at its all-time low and sold them at their all-time highs, you would’ve made more than 900 times your money. And if you would’ve bought HEX at its all-time low and sold it at its all-time high, you would’ve made a mind-boggling 10,000x. These are real numbers that a few very fortunate investors were able to make with cryptocurrency.

In the latest video, Joe Parys, an expert in crypto, has revealed the top 4 secrets to make  100x with tiny cryptos in 1 week only, giving you the chance to earn big profits within a week.

Do Your Own Research

The first secret to make 100x is that you need to do your own research. If you wanted to get an A on your test in school, you first would have to study. If you don’t study, you’re probably going to fail or get a bad grade, then you’ll have to retake your test, and then you’ll have to retake the class if you continue to not pass your test. The same thing applies to cryptocurrency. If you don’t study, you will most likely fail, but with real money.

How Long You Plan On Owning Your Coin

The second step in our secret formula is to know how long you plan to own your coin and how much you plan to invest. The truth is, most people never hold on long enough to receive the 100X gains. Some may make a lot of money but cash out too early on the way up.

Knowing When To Sell

Step number three is knowing when to sell and actually clicking that Sell button. That $10,000 turned into $250,000 within seconds and converted into additional cryptocurrencies within the next week. That original altcoin is virtually worthless.

Managing Your Risk

Our fourth secret is managing your risk. My personal strategy for managing risk and getting 100x’s is the following. You should take a lot of small positions in many different cryptocurrency Altcoins. I’m always trying to be an early investor in these new cryptocurrency projects. Let those cryptocurrencies sit, sometimes for years on end.

New investors’ biggest mistake

One of the biggest mistakes that new cryptocurrency investors make is putting their money on a brand new altcoin that they see somebody talking about. Then suddenly, that cryptocurrency goes down, and they keep holding because that was the formula that many have been telling them to do.

Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency does continue to keep dipping, going down 80% to 90%. That person gets really discouraged and sells their remaining position. They do so at a massive loss, call it quits with cryptocurrency, and never vow to do something like that. That’s a big mistake that new investors should avoid. 

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