Top 4 NFTs That Can 10x In 2022, According to Lark Davis

These days, the market is red, and many questions ask about which NFTs are worth buying in 2022.

Lark Davis, an expert in crypto, has highlighted the list of top 4 NFTs that can have 10x in 2022, giving his audience a huge picture of the market and helping them make the right decisions.

Tennis Champs

The first one mentioned on the list is Tennis Champs. Joyride is a platform for game creators, so they’re bringing NFTs and tokens to mobile esports casual and social games. At Joyride, Tennis Champs is a play-to-earn game getting a lot of tension.

Users can access market-leading tools for blockchain game development, publishing, and scaling. Joyride did an investor raise. Coinbase Venture, Animoca Brands, Solana Ventures, Dapper Labs, and many others are hopping on board for what they’re doing.  

They also have future NFT drop privileges. We have metaverse access pass in-game earning opportunities and exclusive gameplay benefits. So there are many different ways to use these Tennis Champ NFTs. 

Avarik Saga

The second NFT collection is Avarik Saga. This is a JRPG-style game. The idea of what the game is all about, but basically, these NFT characters are used in-game to be playing the RPG. 

They’ve got a big focus on the Southeast Asian market. In particular, there is a big focus on the mobile market in Indonesia. They are also working with some big guilds in the crypto space like YGG and South East Asia. Therefore, getting in early with these guys is the potential for big returns. 

Nyan Heroes

the third one on the list is Nyan Heroes. This is basically a mech battling game. This project is built on Solana. And Solana is great for these kinds of games. We’ve seen so many games coming to the Solana Network. 

This game comes out, and it could be quite popular. The whole concept of its mechs is cool, the Japanese anime style is cool, and people love cats, so that’s why it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on, and it takes third place on the list. 

Cyber Brokers

The fourth NFT is called Cyber Brokers. This is made with the artist Josie Bellini. And she’s also made the amazing NFT collection called Cyber Brokers.

There are many different classes, characters, and traits for these different characters, and these are fully on-chain NFTs. You can take their clothes off and stuff. They’re really cool.

The arts are phenomenal, and the community growing around them is exceptional. And Josie has really proven herself as a crypto artist in this space when producing absolutely fantastic stuff. She’s an early NFT pioneer, and this generative art collection is amazing. 

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