Top 3 Undervalued Altcoins To Put On Your Radar in 2022

There are more altcoins that need to be paid attention to in the market because they could be some of the top altcoins that can have huge gains in 2022.

Let’s check out the top 3 undervalued altcoins that could be the next altcoins to put on your radar as we get ready for crypto trading in 2022.

Keep Network (KEEP)

The first altcoin to pay attention to is Keep Network (KEEP). Keep is an incentivized network for storing and encrypting private data on the public blockchain.

Keep Network has staked Ethereum on the first private computer. This is a protocol to incentivize privacy in a decentralized autonomous way, to store private data off-chain, but have the ability for on-chain whether it’s kept or other d-apps decentralized applications to access private data in a very private and encrypted way.

This whole network is designed by staking and securing, so users can earn KEEP, and stake it back for additional rewards.

Traders can get it on Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, Uniswap,, and a lot of different places.

Oasis Network (ROSE)

The second altcoin to mention is Oasis (ROSE). Oasis Network (ROSE) is a privacy-focused layer 1 blockchain built for open finance and a responsible data economy using the Cosmos SDK.

They have just launched their decks, it’s called YuzuSwap (their swap exchange governance token), and did an airdrop of the tokens. Their swap has very high rewards for their farms and liquidity pools, staking the ROSE token.

The first dex on the Oasis Network hits a hundred million TVL in 24 hours. ROSE is a token that is being held by a lot of the top hedge funds in the United States but it’s pretty undervalued.

Binance Labs committed some of their funds to Oasis. All of this good news may create the success of Oasis Network and ROSE has all potential to pump in the near future.


The last one is DODO (DODO). DODO is a DeFi protocol DeFi protocol and on-chain liquidity provider whose unique proactive market maker algorithm aims to offer better liquidity and price stability than automated market makers.

DODO is a decentralized trading protocol for Web 3. Users can come here and do their crowdfunding. It’s a DEX for lending, borrowing, and it combines a lot of things, plus it’s cross-chain interoperable, so a lot of cool things happening with DODO.

Their tools can be used to create one’s own token and liquidity pools to mine, stake their fractionalized NFTs.

They also have a bonding curve to lock liquidity, a lot of cool features that are built-in here so users don’t have to go to 17 different dApps to do the same thing that they can do with DODO.

That’s why this altcoin is really strong and has big potential to pump in 2022.

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