Top 3 Projects Could Be 100x In April, According to Suppoman

Would you like to learn about the next 100x crypto? The next ApeCoin or the next Blue Chip NFT?

In the latest video, Suppoman, a Youtube Channel shared about the best of crypto has shared the top 3 projects that could be 100x and make you extremely rich in this space. 


The first altcoin that has got enormous potential is PolyPad. PolyPad has a simple mission: to break down the barriers to accessing novel early-stage blockchain projects building on promising DLTs.

PolyPad comes out on the 7th of April and PolyPad is a major launch coming from Bluezilla. What they’re doing is they are merging KCCPAD and TRONPAD, the least active blockchains that Bluezilla have launched pads in. So what they are doing is they are going to merge both of these pads to create a Polygon based launch pad.

Polygon is the most exciting scaling solution in cryptocurrency, so any projects launching via the Polygon network can be invested in a very early stage. PolyPad is unlike other Bluezilla major launches. It is a fair launch cryptocurrency, there is no IDO.

You do not need to be a tear hodler in BSCpad, GameZone, MetaVPad, etc. You can buy as little or as much as KCCPAD and TRONPAD as you want. And then on the date that they provide a swap, you can swap your KCCPAD and or TRONPAD for PolyPad. 

PolyPad is going to have a five-tier IDO system, so the more you buy, the more likely is that you are going to be in a higher tier. Therefore, the higher allocations you are going to be able to stake, your PolyPad get an APY on staking. It’s a deflationary token.

Why this is a major launch is because there are already five IDOs locked in and PolyPad is actually doing a white list for the first five PolyPad IDOs and they’re giving away five IDOs spots for each of the five IDOs launching. So that is 25 spots in total. 

TRONPAD you will get 0.75 PolyPad for every one KCCPAD token. And you’ll get 1.25 PolyPad.  And there’s going to be a loyalty airdrop. So if you have held at minimum your TRONPAD and KCCPAD for a period of time. You are going to be airdropped 15% of PolyPad tokens and if you have staked it for a long time, then you are going to be given 35% airdrop. 

Bytes Out

The second altcoin on the list is Bytes Out. “Bytes Out” is the amount of data sent through that interface (from your host to the network). Bytes is already out and it’s already tradable. 

Bytes is Neo Tokyo’s utility coin. Neo Tokyo is a potential Blue Chip AAA metaverse game but it’s also a builder community. And this takes place on Discord builders from the NFT. There is a community of Neo-Tokyo citizens that can take part in new projects or new NFTs. 

The ability to make profits from Bytes is huge once its information is released. So Bytes is a big one to keep an eye on. 


The last one mentioned on the list is fRiENDSiES. fRiENDSiES is new digital companion and inclusion into the kindness community aka the garden. This collection of 10,000 NFTs are made and designed with love by FriendsWithYou.

fRiENDSiES is a personal augmented reality friend of the future essentially. What you use is an NFT builder to create your own trait. You can get head, body, back, power kicks, etc. So if you get a cloud key and then mint one, you are one of the first to get the best traits before anybody else. 

fRiENDSiES is available on OpenSea and that was bought for 96.9 ETH, which costed $420,000 at record time. 

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