Top 3 Next Altcoins with The Potential to Gain 100x, According to Joe Parys

Last year, projects like AstroSwap, MetaVpad, and VelasPad, all did more than 100X for presale investors, and that is the power of getting in early.

In the latest video, Joe Parys, an entrepreneur, and Youtuber in cryptocurrency, has shared the next 100X potential Altcoin gem, and the best part is, these Altcoins are still brand new giving you the chance to get in first.

Verve (VERVE)

The first altcoin to mention is Verve (VERVE). Fueled by the Velas blockchain, Verve empowers a new generation of content creators, streamers, and viewers with a rewarding, user-owned, and future-proof digital entertainment suite.

This is meta VPAD’s first incubated project. Verve is going to be interactive streaming and is going to be fueled by the Velas blockchain. Verve is going after something called watch-to-earn, this is where you’re going to earn rewards just by watching and interacting with your favorite content. You can also stream to earn.

There is no verification needed, no minimum thresholds. You’ll be able to connect directly with your audience and you’ll also be able to grow and gain more. This is why Joe does think Verve could be your next 100x altcoin gem.

AstroSwap (ASTRO)

The second altcoin is Astro (ASTRO). News coming in at the speed of light is the latest technological breakthrough — AstroSwap!

This is the first-ever DEX built on a Cardano network which ensures that when trading…you reach new frontiers.

AstroSwap is a groundbreaking, first interstellar DEX on Cardano blockchain. This decentralized exchange is on a mission to launch on ADAPad — check it out to get your constellation prize.

Users can stake some ASTRO tokens and earn a crazy APY. The reason why the APY is so high is that there’s been so much trading volume within the last few days, which means more and more people are buying ASTRO.

There are millions of dollars in liquidity sitting in the pools. You can stake your tokens and receive ridiculous APYs with these single staking pools. They even have a lottery.

Pax World (PAXW)

The last altcoin on the list is Pax World (PAXW). Create worlds, explore and trade NFTs in the first-ever virtual world owned by its users.

Create personalized spaces or entire worlds. Explore, build, learn, trade, and communicate in ways not possible until now.

Their upcoming token launch is going to be on meta VPAD and Game Zone and the IDO date is going to be February 24th.

Users can create worlds, explore, and trade NFTs in the first-ever virtual world. They will also be able to create personalized spaces for the entire world with Pax World and explore, build, learn, trade, and communicate in ways not possible. This project also has some of the biggest backers in the world.

That’s why it has a huge potential to 100x in the near future and is the last altcoin to mention on the list.

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