Top 3 mid-cap altcoins with strong price potential, according to analyst Ben Armstrong

Popular crypto strategist Ben Armstrong shares with his subscribers the top 3 mid-cap altcoins under a billion-dollar with solid fundamental growth.

Moonriver (MOVR)

First on the list is Moonriver, a new parachain for Kusama that is built to be compatible with Ethereum for multi-chain development, with a market cap of under $600 million.

Although the project just launched a few days ago, its native token MOVR has climbed from under $100 all the way up to about $400 where it stands today. Over the past week, MOVR had its chance to cool off and is accumulating after touching $500. Hence, Armstrong believes it could be ready to start running again any day now.

Flux (FLUX)

Next up is Flux, a solution for decentralized cloud computing. Analyst Armstrong strongly recommends this project as it is “a missing link in the crypto space”:

Many of the protocols that we interact with on networks like Ethereum are fully decentralized, but they’re still hosted on central servers usually run by cloud computing companies like Amazon or Google. This means that frontend websites for decentralized applications can be shut down, hijacked or seized, leaving a major central point of failure,”

Flux would eliminate this central point of failure by offering decentralized infrastructure for these frontend websites. Flux runs on its native currency of the same name that uses an open-source proof-of-work algorithm, and the team has made efforts to stay as decentralized as possible with no venture capital investors and no corporate board of directors.

With a market cap under $100 million, Flux is a low mid-cap coin that has the fundamentals to move up in the rankings quickly. The crypto KOL highlights that over the past two weeks, Flux has rallied nearly 150% and now looks to be consolidating before a further climb up.

Gala Games (GALA)

According to the analyst, Gala Games is one of the hottest up-and-coming blockchain NFT game producers. In particular, its token GALA has been on a tear this week after listing on Binance, rallying over 470% this week alone.

“The exchange listing wasn’t the only thing that sent this token flying. People are now starting to realize that play-to-earn games are going to be one of the biggest mainstreaming use cases for blockchain technology.”

Even though it is just getting started, Gala Games already has a massive user base of over 1.3 million active users. The trader believes that with a market cap of under $1 billion and ranked in the low 200s on CoinMarketCap, Gala has room to run and grow exponentially.

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