Top 3 Gaming and Metaverse Altcoin to Buy In 2022

Gaming and metaverse altcoins are the trends of 2022. But not all of that kind can help its owner earn money exponentially. According to Joe Parys, a famous entrepreneur on cryptocurrency, there is a list of top 3 gaming and metaverse altcoins to buy now.


The first altcoin game to mention is Metastrike (MST & MTT). Metastrike is a blockchain-based role-player shooter game with a collection of weapons for players to equip, upgrade levels, complete missions, and earn NFTs tokens. 

Metastrike has different gameplays such as zombie mode, team mode, and deathmatch mode. Players can customize maps and earn NFT boxes, NFT equipment, and a total metaverse experience and what’s really unique. Metastrike has a dual token model: MTS token and MTT token.

MTS token has a max supply of 565 million. This token will be used to advance maps missions with rare NFT drops, or in-game activities. 

MTT token has a max supply that is uncapped. This is Metastrike’s in-game token, and its main use case is a reward token. Players can use it to unlock new maps, participate in game modes or special events. MTT can swap to the MTS token, but players will need to have a certain amount of NFTs.

Space Misfits (SCRW)

The second altcoin on the list is Space Misfits (SCRW). Space Misfits brings an exciting and intense action space game to the blockchain. Explore new worlds, battle it out for scarce resources, build your fleet and earn a fortune in space.

Space Misfits is an exciting play to earn space action MMO. This is where you’re going to explore new worlds, battle it out for scarce resources and build your fleet to make a fortune in space. Space Misfits brings an exciting and intense action space game to the blockchain. 

Space Misfits will use a two-token system, including CROWN and BITS. Both of these tokens will be launched on the Ethereum network. They can bridge across to the Binance Smart Chain and Harmony Network to provide cross-chain support. These tokens can be used by depositing tokens in the game account using Metamask. 


The third and final altcoin is going to be one called DCAPS. DCAPs is a cryptocurrency data aggregator with a difference! As a decentralized price tracker and market analytics platform, DCAPs brings together the most sought-after market insights, price information, and user-contributed data feeds to deliver a powerful resource for beginners and experts alike.

DCAPS is going to be a beacon of truth. This is where DCAPS is designed to provide a single source of truth for the most important blockchain and cryptocurrency data. It will also feature a powerful dowel-backed internal economy and a secure data integration.

DCAPS is trying to give you the data you want as accurately as possible. DCAPS is packed with data and insights contributed by people to help make the operating, trading, and using cryptocurrency simpler and much more rewarding.

Anyone is free to submit an exchange token trading or when they help update the platform with the most up-to-date data. Traders can buy and stake these tokens on PulsePad and access the pre-sale. This is going to be incubated by BlueZilla.

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