Top 3 Altcoins To Buy With Huge Potential As The Market Heats Up

Popular crypto channel Altcoin Daily shares with their subscribers 3 potential altcoins, asides from Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), with strong fundamentals that are having huge steps forward as the market is heating up.

Aave (AAVE)

First on the trader list is DeFi blue-chip and lending protocol Aave (AAVE). According to the crypto KOL, Aave is exploring Solana, Avalanche, Layer 2 expansion.

“Decentralized lending protocol Aave is working on a multi-chain strategy,”

Aave’s CEO and founder Stani Kulechov announced the possible expansion of Aave’s lending and borrowing markets on Solana (SOL) via the EVM-compatible solution Neon Labs, Avalanche (AVAX), and the Optimistic Rollup solutions Arbitrum and Optimism under its multi-chain strategy.

Going multi-chain will enable the protocol to achieve cross-chain composability, meaning users will be able to move collateral from one chain to another, or keep the collateral on one chain and borrow on another chain.”

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