Top 3 Altcoins For Insane Gain, According to Cheeky Crypto

The market is on the dip these days. This is considered a good opportunity to jump into a potential project. But traders wonder which one has the huge potential to join in.

In the latest video, Cheeky Crypto, a Youtube Channel that focuses on cryptocurrency, has highlighted the top 3 altcoins that can help traders gain insane profits and perform incredibly well in the coming weeks and months.

Boba Network (BOBA)

The first altcoin that can help traders gain insane profits is Boba Network (BOBA). Boba is an L2 Ethereum scaling & augmenting solution built by the Enya team as core contributors to the OMG Foundation. Boba is a next-generation Ethereum Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup scaling solution that reduces gas fees, improves transaction throughput, and extends the capabilities of smart contracts.

This altcoin would actually show us moving out about $2.67 on the daily chart. The one-to-one ratio would put us about 93% to the upside. We’ve moved past some of these resistance points. It’s not a huge amount of data, so we could still be looking at the downside, but considering the momentum indicator, they were oversold on the daily chart, and we are looking pretty good on BOBA. 

BOBA Chart | Source: Youtube

BOBA Chart | Source: Youtube

SingularityDAO (SDAO)

The second one on the list is SingularityDAO (SDAO). As the DeFi arm of the SingularityNET AI Ecosystem, SingularityDAO is a true Decentralized Autonomous Organization designed to simplify access to the crypto economy.

Technically, we have already met the minimum requirements at the recording time, and we should be talking about some kind of corrective move. We are talking about $0.73 to $1.07. But some fantastic gains are still to be made here, some short-term stuff, but this is the real opportunity that comes later. Once we have this correction, we ride this up to several hundred percent. 

SDAO Chart | Source: Youtube

SDAO Chart | Source: Youtube

JasmyCoin (JASMY)

JasmyCoin (JASMY) is the last one mentioned on the list. JasmyCoin is based on the ERC 20 standard. An unspecified number of individuals and businesses can also use the token to transfer tokens using digital devices as proof of value exchange or payment for services. By not limiting its usability, the token can have a wide range of purposes.

It has huge potential, but there is conflicting information around this one. However, there’s a lot of fundamental stuff that is fantastic. There is going to have more downside to happen, which would be very disappointing. But it is a possibility, and we should acknowledge that as a possibility.

Another reason that we should be thinking the potential of upside is very high rather than the potential of downside is the fact that we are completely oversold on the daily chart. We’ve been oversold for quite some time lower. In fact, we actually started this run to the upside, so when we start to see a reversal on this, it’s going to be slow in its momentum but absolutely worth keeping an eye on. 

JASMY Chart | Source: Youtube

JASMY Chart | Source: Youtube

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