Top 3 Altcoins Can Make You Rich In May 2022, According to Joe Parys

What is the next 1,000x cryptocurrency coin going to be? Joe Parys, a crypto expert, has revealed the top 3 altcoins that haven’t even hit the market yet. He believes these cryptos may have massive upside potential and can make you rich in May 2022.

Pulse (PLS)

The first altcoin that Joe mentioned on the list is Pulse (PLS). Pulse Token is an ERC-20 token meant to provide its holders with control over the governance, and thus future, of Pulse Markets, an open-source, community-driven prediction market platform built on NEAR Protocol and utilizes Flux Protocol’s Data Oracle for market resolution.

Pulse chain’s goal is to increase Ethereum’s value by lowering and sharing its load. Pulse chain will also re-enable priced out use cases, and instead of launching empty, the Pulse chain will bring ETH system state and ERC-20.

The launch of the Pulse Chain is going to be the largest free airdrop in history. Thousands of Ethereum based tokens and NFTs will receive their free Pulse Chain versions. This new gold rush contains the value discovery of thousands of new tokens and NFTs on the Pulse Chain.

Pulse Chain is also about lowering fees for its users. It’s also going to increase the throughput of Ethereum by four times, using three-second blocks, whereas Ethereum’s average block time is 13 seconds.

Pulse Chain is also going to be removing pollution by replacing proof-of-work miners with proof-of-stake validators. Pulse Chain doesn’t burn or waste any energy, making it environmentally friendly. PLS has a 0% inflation validators only earn fees, and 25% fees are burnt to reduce the circulating supply.

You are still insanely early to pulse in the Pulse Chain ecosystem and this is why it is your first 100 to 1,000x cryptocurrency coin to help you turn a thousand dollars into maybe even a hundred thousand or even a million.

PulseX (PLSX)

The second altcoin is going to be PulseX. PulseX will have a 0.29% fee that users pay on every swap. That is less than Sushiswap, Trader Joe, Quickswap, and Uniswap. 76% of all trading fees could be distributed to Liquidity Providers. 21% could be used to buy and burn PLSX, reducing its supply over time. 0.01% of a trade’s value goes to an address you must have no expectations of. PulseX has lower fees, the most liquidity on the Pulse Chain, and only becomes rare.

This is going to be the secondary cryptocurrency for the Pulse Chain ecosystem. Pulse X is Pulse Chain’s version of Uniswap and Uniswap is one of the biggest, if not the biggest decentralized exchanges in the world. There are literally millions upon billions of dollars being traded on Uniswap, and this is only going to be a matter of time before PulseX sees some very similar volume.

PulseX token could go absolutely crazy, especially if this incentive token is very valuable and the only way for you to get this incentive token is to stick PLS or PLSX, and this is why these tokens are 100x to 1,000x potential cryptocurrency coins.


The third cryptocurrency altcoin that has 1,000x potential is going to be MoveZ. Fueled by your ambitions and the latest Web3 technology, MoveZ is powering a fitness revolution. MoveZ is the first deflationary move-to-earn cryptocurrency.

Their new website is live, and they’re also going to keep us updated with the dashboard on staking NFT, marketplace, shopping, and much more.

As fitness is going to be massive with the blockchain, and we have seen other cryptocurrency coins like STEPN (GMT) and Step App (FITFI) do some incredible numbers out of the gate.

They’re going to have AR implementation geolocation, NFTs, MoveZ merchandise, a one-time sign-up gift shop partnership, and much more. And moving into 2023, they’re gonna have big events, multi-chain upgrades, community sports-driven, geo-location competitions, and corporate implementation.

Fitness is for everyone, and they want to take away the barrier for people to get started with crypto, moving away, and making it very simple. They’re going to lower this barrier with the use of frictionless NFTs organizations and NFT lending features. That’s why it has 1,000x potential in 2022.

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