Top 3 Altcoins Can 100x During This Crash, According to Joe Parys

Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market have crashed again. Is this the end of the bull market? Is 2022 going to continue to be bearish?

While traders are worried about the market, Joe Parys, a famous entrepreneur in crypto, has revealed top 3 altcoins that I believe could help traders become the next cryptocurrency millionaire, and the best part is, some of these cryptocurrency coins haven’t even hit the market yet, created the chance to get in first.

Syn City (SYN)

The first project Joe mentioned is Syn City (SYN). Syn City is nearing the final stages of token launch event. We have confirmed 4 IDO Launchpad partners that will be hosted on 7 January. The next and final stage is the LBP token auction event.

This project has almost 200,000 Discord members in just six weeks, over 200,000 over on Twitter.

SYN will be used for the metaverse, and its core will be a mafia as a DAO system. Users can also stake their SYN to generate votes to delegate to any syndicate leaders.

This cryptocurrency project is free to play and earn. Anyone can come and engage. No ownership of NFTs is needed to start.

Metastrike (MTS)

Metastrike (MTS) is going to be your number two cryptocurrency coin. This is a blockchain-based, role-playing, first-person shooter, metaverse game built on UnrealEngine.

Players can have a gun collection, build maps to fight, and steal NFT from other players. Metastrike is a first-person shooter project that can be used to develop your own FPS project with any ideas.

It includes many features essential for modern multiplayer FPS games, objects such as weapons, characters, projectiles, shells, explosions, game modes, and much more.

UFO Gaming (UFO)

The last altcoin on the list is UFO Gaming (UFO). The Dark Metaverse will serve as a virtual universe built with a closed-loop economy. As games get added to the economy, the token’s value and the ecosystem increase exponentially.

The Dark Metaverse is a closed-loop ever-expanding ecosystem that will consist of P2E games with breedable in-game NFTs and Virtual Land that will entitle collectors to in-game revenue.

They are going to have in-game NFTs to open loot boxes and to generate in-game assets, which will help you complete in-game quests and upgrade your weapons.

UFO Gaming will also have a marketplace to trade your NFTs and rare items. More virtual land and virtual games are coming very soon. “I truly do believe that this one has massive potential,” Joe speak proudly.

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