Top 2 undervalued gamefi altcoins to catch up with the gaming metaverse trend, says analyst Brian Jung

As various metaverse-related cryptocurrencies have absolutely taken off and this is a space that has garnered a tremendous amount of attention right now, popular analyst Brian Jung shares with his subscribers 2 undervalued gamefi altcoins with promising potential to explode.

Gala (GALA)

First on the list is Gala (GALA). Unlike MANA, AXIE, SAND and others, the GALA token does not power one game. Instead, it is the cryptocurrency introduced by Gala Games, a company that aims to make many blockchain-based games.

According to the trader, tt has five games at the moment, which run either on the Mac and Windows platforms, or through web browsers. The project also allows users to buy a license and operate their own node on the Gala network.

At the time of the recording, GALA price has risen 47.26% to $0.69.

“This continues its positive trend over the past week where it has experienced a 215.0% gain, moving from $0.21 to its current price.”

Jung shares that despite its current rally, GALA still has huge upside potential as the growing interest in non-fungible tokens and the metaverse will drive long-term growth. Therefore, although GALA has surged significantly in recent trading sessions, it could still extend gains.

Bora (BORA)

The second altcoin is Bora (BORA), a decentralized entertainment platform that distributes digital content and provides incentives to participants.

As Jung says, based out of South Korea, BORA is a “mobile-first” blockchain gaming service. The company has already signed up a strong portfolio of existing games, some with over 50 million players. Those titles will now retrospectively integrate the platform.

“Recently, they launched a channeling service for two mobile games Dragon Raja 2 and Giants. They gained more than 800,000 users during the pre-registration period. They are currently seeing stable user inflows and sales for these games.”

Recently, BORA coin experienced a sudden boost in its market price. From the November 15th low, the coin has indicated a 240% growth, where the new rally made a high of $1.2 mark.

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