Top 2 Tiny Cryptos to Make 1,000x Returns, According to Joe Parys

Cryptocurrency tends to follow a four-year cycle. Some of those who stuck around in the last bear market were able to make millions. How did they do that? By buying tiny crypto coins and not Bitcoin. These are the riskiest, but they also offer the highest returns.

In the latest video, Joe Parys, a crypto expert, has taught his audience how to buy tiny cryptos to make 1,000x returns. Where to find these potential tiny altcoins, and which ones are going to make 1,000x profit in the future?

Where To Find These Tiny Altcoins?

One of the best places to find tiny cryptocurrency coins is incubators and launch pads. Especially Polkastarter or BSCPAD.

Polkastarter (POLS)

The first platform mentioned on the list is Polkastarter (POLS). Polkastarter is a blockchain platform designed to provide an easy-to-use launchpad for cross-chain token pools and auctions. It is most commonly used by early-stage blockchain projects that want to raise capital and easily distribute their tokens at the same time.

On Pokestarter, they show an all-time high from the IDO, for many of these cryptos are massively in the green for their investors. So if you can be a very early investor, this is where you can do very well, even in the bear market. And when things turn back bullish, this is where if you get some of these tiny cryptocurrency coins, they can really do quite well for you.

You need to click on the coin, understand the research, understand the price per token, where it’s going to be listed, and what the project is all about.


Pokestarter isn’t just the only incubator or launchpad, BSCPAD is another one to find some potential tiny cryptos. BSCPAD aims to become the next evolution of blockchain launchpads solving the fundamental flaws that plague existing launchpads. This platform benefits all holders of the token and allows for fair launches giving traders of all sizes the opportunity to invest in the best upcoming Binance Smart Chain projects.

This is where you can see a variety of different projects that not only have been incubated but others that are going to be coming soon. The whole idea here is just to use these incubators and launch pads to do research. You need to understand what you’re getting involved with, as these cryptocurrency coins, especially the new ones, are insanely volatile. And they have massive amounts of risks, but if you can time a couple of these correctly, you can do very well.

Projects to earn 1,000x Returns

These 2 altcoins could be the next 100x to 1,000x project. It is going to be Pulse or the Pulse Chain (PLS) token and PulseX (PLSX).

Pulse (PLS)

Pulse Token (PLS) is an ERC-20 token meant to provide its holders with control over the governance, and thus future, of Pulse Markets, an open-source, community-driven prediction market platform that is built on NEAR Protocol and utilizes Flux Protocol’s Data Oracle for market resolution.

The test net is live and there is a rumor that in the next couple of weeks, this token will be listing and launching. Pulse chain price or the PLS token is sitting at zero as there is no data and nothing has officially launched at the time of this recording. But it is looking like it is going to be listed on Binance, one of the biggest exchanges in the world.

PulseX (PLSX)

It will also be listed on its own decentralized exchange, which is going to be PulseX (PLSX). PulseX is a fork of Uniswap (UNI) and this is where you’re able to trade two different cryptocurrency tokens back and forth.

The PLS and PLSX are the ones that you can do for the testnet. There are a bunch of other ones as well. This is all just a test at this time but with over a billion dollars sacrificed for this cryptocurrency coin. A lot of people are going to be looking for something new to be happening, especially during the bear market. These two projects could offer some very nice profits for their investors.

Over a billion dollars sacrificed for PulseX (PLSX) | Source: Youtube

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