Top 2 New Altcoins To Have 100x, According to Joe Parys

Would you like to know the next 100X cryptocurrency coin before it is listed? The truth is, no one knows for sure.

In the latest video, Joe Parys, an expert in crypto, has shared not just one but two altcoins that can have 100X potential, and the best part is that you’re still incredibly early to both of these projects.

PulseX (PLSX)

The first altcoin mentioned on the list is PulseX (PLSX). The PulseX Sacrifice is creating a set of people that believe freedom of movement and assembly are protected human rights.

Over 700 million PLSX tokens have been burned. These are just testnet tokens. So this is not real, but there was also more than a 700 000 PLSX bounty received, as well as the burn execution has happened more than 5155 times. And since the beginning of the testnet, more than 24 billion pulse tokens in total have been burned. All the different farms and pools are where you can actually start playing around with some of these test tokens and seeing exactly how this ecosystem will work. 

Traders can pair the PulseX token with any other token, and you can earn yield by farming. This could be something very lucrative. And traders can also see the finished pools they are staking a PLSX token to earn a PRT token. 

There will be a PRT token or some sort of rewards incentive token where you stake your PLSX token. You can earn this reward. In that way, it locks up the PLSX tokens, and you’re earning something else in return and not hurting the PLSX price. That is really bullish. 

The other thing that is really bullish is all these locked coins are going to allow you to earn APRs in a new token. If you pair the PLSX token with many other farms, you can trade in and out of new cryptocurrencies. You can also earn and yield.

There are going to be literally millions of dollars locked up in DeFi, and this is what has caused other ecosystems like Ethereum, Cardano, Polygon, and many of these to the moon. 

In 2020, before the Polygon ecosystem started to use the token for DeFi, it was trading right around $0.01 to $0.02. Then it went all the way as high as $2, traded all the way back down, and then went all the way high to its all-time high around $3. That’s more than 150 times your money from the time back here, and PulseX could do something similar, if not even greater. This is why the PLSX token is the first 100x potential altcoin on the list. 

PulseChain (PLS)

The second 100 x altcoin is PulseChain (PLS). Pulse Token ( PULSE ), the native token for PulseChain, is an ERC-20 token meant to provide its holders with control over the governance, and thus future, of Pulse Markets, an open-source, community-driven prediction market platform that is built on NEAR Protocol and utilizes Flux Protocol’s Data Oracle for market resolution.

The Pulse token is set to do some massive things. This project is set to absolutely exploding because it is a Richard-Hart-built project. Richard Hart created HEX, and HEX did over 10,000x. This shows that the ecosystem and these two cryptocurrencies truly do have 100x potential. 

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