Top 2 Hidden NFT Projects With 100x Potential, Says Chico Crypto

Widely-followed crypto KOL Tyler Swope from Chico Crypto unveils with his subscribers top 2 undervalued altcoins with huge upside potential as the alt season is beginning and the NFT market is on its hype.


Fractional is a decentralized protocol where NFT owners can mint tokenized fractional ownership of their NFTs. These tokens then function as normal ERC20 tokens which have governance over the NFT that they own.

According to the trader, through Fractional, it will become easy to buy and own a percentage of an NFT.

“This allows users who have been previously priced out of certain NFTs or artists, such as Beeple to be able to buy a piece of their work. Alongside this, fractionalizing an NFT allows for the NFT’s original curator to be able to see some liquidity from their asset without selling the entire piece.”

In terms of governance, Swope says that the forthcoming governance token for the Fractional platform will be charged with keeping fractional ownership NFT buyers safe and making sure the platform continues to perform well. Governance will also receive a small AUM fee for the work that is done to keep fraction owners happy.

EcoFi (ECO)

EcoFi (ECO) considers itself the engine of NFT commerce: “Wrapping the real world into NFTs.”EcoFi is an open-source decentralized technology platform, built to facilitate the growth and evolution of the DeFi marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain.

EcoFi’s unique and innovative use of NFT assets, physical, and digital rewards, as well as liquidity pairs and yield farming will help to transform the future of the financial ECOsystem.

According to the trader, some of the works being included in the platform’s launch will come from huge names in the Art World such as Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Keith Haring and more.

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