Top 10 Undervalued Altcoins With Huge Potential To Pump In 2022

There are many undervalued altcoins in the market but they still have a huge potential to pump in the future. Cheeky Crypto, a famous Youtube channel focused on cryptocurrency, has listed out the top 10 cryptos like that. Let’s check out if those coins are on your portfolio yet.

NuNet (NTX)

The first massively undervalued altcoin is NuNet (NTX). NuNet is the second project to spin off from SingularityNET and the first project to launch from the SingularityDAO Launchpad.

It is ranked number 3601 by market cap and has huge growth potential. It has just been listed on the MEXC exchange, so it’s still early a fantastic opportunity.

It’s a global economy of decentralized computing and it has got the monopoly tied up with Google and Amazon. Therefore, NuNet’s users can share and monetize their computing resources at scale to provide globally distributed, optimized computing power for decentralized networks. That’s a fantastic use case that helps NuNet pumps in the future.

NuNet is trading at $0.08 with the market cap is just over $5 million.

NTX Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

NTX Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

VeChain (VET)

The second altcoin on the list is VeChain (VET). VeChain aims to use distributed governance and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to create an ecosystem that solves major data hurdles for multiple global industries from medical to energy, food & beverage to sustainability and SDG goals.

By leveraging the power of trustless data, VeChain is building the digital backbone that will underpin the fourth industrial revolution, which demands real-time and trustless data sharing between many participants.

VET Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

VET Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

There has been a fundamental shift for VeChain and they have focused more on the industry. It’s ranked at number 32 at press time, VET’s price is $0.07 and the market cap is nearly $5 billion.

Hedera (HBAR)

The third massive altcoin but still undervalued is Hedera (HBAR). Hedera is the most used, sustainable, enterprise-grade public network for the decentralized economy that allows individuals and businesses to create powerful DApps.

It is designed to be a fairer, more efficient system that eliminates some of the limitations that older blockchain-based platforms face — such as slow performance and instability.

Hedera is ranked number 34 with market cap at $4.7 billion and changing hand at $0.26 for now.

HBAR Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

HBAR Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

Avalanche (AVAX)

The next undervalued altcoin to mention is Avalanche (AVAX). Avalanche is the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality. Avalanche is blazingly fast, low cost, and eco-friendly. Any smart contract-enabled application can outperform its competition by deploying on Avalanche.

They have a fantastic team, fantastic technology with low-cost eco-friendly, that’s why Avalanche has a huge potential to pump in the future. It’s ranked number 12 by market cap, trading at $81.72 and market cap is nearly $20 billion.

AVAX Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

AVAX Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

Polkadot (DOT)

The next altcoin to mention on the list is Polkadot (DOT). Polkadot is an open-source sharded multichain protocol that connects and secures a network of specialized blockchains, facilitating cross-chain transfer of any data or asset types, not just tokens, thereby allowing blockchains to be interoperable with each other.

Polkadot was designed to provide a foundation for a decentralized internet of blockchains, also known as Web3.

DOT Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

DOT Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

We will see more and more projects popping up on Polkadot, creating a big ecosystem with a lot of utilities for DOT. It’s ranked number 9 by its market cap of nearly $24 billion and changing hand at $25.24.

SingularityDAO (SDAO)

The next altcoin to mention is SingularityDAO (DAO). SingularityDAO is a decentralized, blockchain-based organization with the main goal of governing DynaSets, diversified baskets of cryptocurrency assets dynamically managed by AI. Voting power in SingularityDAO is granted by the SingularityDAO token (SDAO).

This one is such a solid project with the fantastic project, fantastic tech, and fantastic team that expects big things. They have also had a launchpad. We have the right to expect big things will happen to SDAO.

SDAO is trading at $1.31 at press time, the market cap is nearly $39 million, and ranked number 625.

SDAO Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

SDAO Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

ChainLink (LINK)

Chainlink is the next undervalued that has been mentioned a lot in many lists. The Chainlink Network is driven by a large open-source community of data providers, node operators, smart contract developers, researchers, security auditors, and more.

The company focuses on ensuring that decentralized participation is guaranteed for all node operators and users looking to contribute to the network.

Chainlink is now trading at $24.54, the market cap is $11.5 billion, which helps it rank number 17.

LINK Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

LINK Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

MultiVAC (MTV)

The next altcoin has a tiny market cap of $25 million. There are plenty of gains to be made with MultiVAC. MultiVAC is the innovative sharding killer and pioneering flexible computing framework.

As a high-throughput and flexible public blockchain platform, MultiVAC proposed an all-dimensional sharding solution to increase TPS of the blockchain, and MultiVAC is the first one to propose a flexible computing framework, so the developers can trade-off freely between the blockchain trilemma on this framework.

It’s changing hands at $0.007 and ranked number 735 by market cap.

MTV Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

MTV Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

Harmony (ONE)

Harmony is a blockchain platform designed to facilitate the creation and use of DApps. The network aims to innovate the way decentralized applications work by focusing on random state sharding, which allows creating blocks in seconds.

ONE Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

ONE Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

Harmony is undervalued but it still has a huge potential. ONE is trading at $0.3 and the market cap is over $3.5 billion. Harmony is expected to introduce cross-shard contracts and a cross-chain infrastructure by the end of 2021.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform that says its goal is to allow “changemakers, innovators, and visionaries” to bring about positive global change. Cardano is being built to accommodate a broad range of use cases, solving problems across multiple industry verticals such as education, retail, agriculture, government, finance, and health care. These utilities have created a big ecosystem, which make a huge potential for Cardano.

It is now changing hand at $1.18 and the market cap is around $40 billion. ADA is ranked number 7.

ADA Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

ADA Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

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