Top 10 reasons to invest in Terra Virtua TVK, according to Altcoin Buzz

In the recent video, the famous crypto channel Altcoin Buzz lists their top 10 reasons to have Terra Virtua (TVK) in your crypto portfolio.


Terra Virtua Kolect is a cross-platform non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem that offers a curated marketplace for NFT creators and collectors to interact. The Terra Virtua Kolect platform spans web, PC, and mobile AR/VR environments.

The #1 reason to invest in TVK is that it is a truly immersive entertainment platform.

“Many virtual universes exist on websites or Mobile Apps. However, there is hardly any universe that exists on both and adds an AR/VR dimension to it. Terra Virtua has made it possible”, according to Altcoin Buzz.

While it has become one of the first platforms to harmonize blockchain and AR/VR, it also uses non-fungible tokens to create and store digital collectible assets. Effectively, it gives brands and enterprises access to a virtual universe where they can interact with their real-world customers.

The #2 reason on the list is that Terra Virtua has a wide range of content.

“The Terra Virtua ecosystem is built around different environments designed to allow users, whatever their interest, to fully immerse themselves in the things they love”.

The ecosystem currently has 2 types of environments naming Fancave and Terradome.

Monetizable User-generated content is the #3 reason that makes Terra Virtua attractive.

“While the platform will always have content developed by the internal team, it will also allow platform users the ability to generate, sell and trade art”.

Housed in the third environment, according to Altcoin Buzz the Terra Virtua Gallery is an impressive space where users, artists, and collectors can browse artwork to sell, or just to show.

Coming at #4 and #5 are that the network offers real-world rewards and virtual items that bring money.

“Terra Virtua users can earn real-world rewards as part of the Prestige Club when it goes live. These rewards range from meeting the creator of an NFT, being able to buy a movie collectible, and more”.

#6 reason is that TVK has reinvented the collecting habits of humans in an innovative way.

“Mankind has been a fan of collectibles for centuries”.

For most of the collectors out there, collectibles value goes beyond money. According to Forbes, the digital collectible market holds the potential to turn into a $200 billion dollar industry.

Next is the #7 reason. To maximize adoption, the Terra Virtua platform has been developed as a payment agnostic platform, meaning that users can make payments using fiat or credit cards. Along with this, it also accepts payment in Ethereum.

#8 reason to invest in Terra Virtua is that Terra Virtua is fundamentally a revenue-generating model.

“Terra Virtua follows an interesting business model that opens revenue streams for the platform: A marketplace where licensed collectibles can be sold”.

The two last reasons on Altcoin Buzz’s list is the TVK milestone to date and the excellent team behind the project.

“Some of the major milestones for the year 2021 are: Create an influencers marketplace; Deeliver Platform 3.0 with full social and currency interoperability, Interactive VR Fancave with streaming and multiplayer features, and Advanced social mobile app”.

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