TokenFi (TOKEN) surges soared by 45% after a $10 million investment from DWF Labs

TokenFi, a platform that allows users to create and tokenize assets, has received a $10 million investment from DWF Labs, a crypto trading fund that plans to develop a suite of products using TokenFi’s technology.

The investment, which will be made over a two-year period, will help TokenFi expand its product offerings, which include a generative AI for NFTs and a smart contract auditor. The tokens will be purchased from TokenFi’s treasury, ensuring that the platform has enough resources to fund its development.

The news of the investment boosted the price of TokenFi’s native token, TOKEN, which soared by 50% to nearly 9 cents, breaking its previous all-time high. TOKEN is used to pay for fees and access premium features on the platform.

Source: Coingecko

“This will give TokenFi an edge as the tokenization and AI wave catches on heading into what will be crypto’s most explosive bull run,” said B, the founder of DWF Labs, in a message.

TokenFi was launched in 2023 as a sister project to Floki, a former dog-themed meme coin that has since pivoted into a metaverse and decentralized finance platform. TokenFi aims to make tokenization easy and accessible for anyone, enabling users to launch or tokenize anything from real estate to art to music.

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