Tim Beiko shared the first hardfork in the Ethereum post-merge era

In a detailed development update, Ethereum developer Tim Beiko shared the latest news on multi-client Kintsugi and briefly described the EIPs of the first Ethereum hardfork in the post-merge era.

According to the post, testing of post-merge Ethereum specifications on the Kintsugi testnet is going as intended.

Several bugs were found in the API specifications and hash disclosure logic. The latter bug was fixed immediately, while the API Engine improvements will included in the latest releases.

For both upgrades, purposeful short-lived devnets will be activated. Kintsugi will be replaced by Ethereum’s next testnet, Klin.

Beiko stated that Ethereum developers interested in experiments with Kintsugi should act quickly. Klin will be the final “new” tesnet, while subsequent ones will be started by creating existing software.

The next All Core Devs (ACD) call will be on Feb.11, 2022, discussing Kintsugi’s results and Klin’s prospects for research and development. Beiko will also describe the first post-merge Ethereum upgrade, Shanghai.

The most important EIPs will address the implementation of new EVM functionality and various UX enhancements designed to reduce gas costs for the end user. In addition, with the BLS Precompiles module, native execution of EVM’s BLS operations is enabled.

Ethereum is trading at $2,581 at press time, up slightly by 1.8% over the past 24 hours. It is down more than 47% from its all-time high of $4,891 recorded on Jan.16, 2021.

Source: TradingView

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