This is the next play-to-earn GameFi project to explode, according to BitBoy Crypto

Popular crypto channel BitBoy Crypto shares with their subscribers a promising AAA Gamefi project called Project Quantum (QBIT) that is the first to integrate the digital assets into its gameplay and catching the eye of crypto traders.

Project Quantum (QBIT) overview

Project Quantum is taking AAA gaming into the 21st Century, with their unique IP powered by Unreal 5, with cryptocurrency at the core of the economy.

According to the crypto KOLs, Quantum’s unique model allows players to enjoy instanced open-world exploration, intense high stakes PVP and PVE combat, unrivaled character customization, all while being able to earn and win while they play.

The project is completely funded by its own crypto QBIT, which is built over Binance’s smart chain. It is also known as the BEP20 token because of its written smart contract on the Binance blockchain platform.

“Project Quantum is a first-person looter shooter, where players must explore maps in search of valuable artifacts and technology in order to unlock the unknown secrets of the past. Players can choose to play solo or in squads, surviving dangerous maps in PVE or high stakes instanced PVP. Hunt, loot, shoot, steal, mine, and craft their way to victory.”


QBIT is the native token of the project and will fuel the in-game economy of Project Quantum.  As the analysts explain, the gaming asset developers will get paid directly through QBIT tokens. On top of that, buyers of the in-game features can also resell them to other players.

“QBIT token’s value may rise as Project Quantum migrates to other gaming platforms. The launch of other Quantum Works’ titles will add more weight to its native crypto. Currently, the gaming token is more than a fan token, which is available to buy, sell, and hold without playing games on its platform.”

Project Quantum’s QBIT coin was trading at US$ 0.0000596 on Thursday. This gamefi project has surged multiple folds since its initial coin offering (ICO) in the first week of June.

QBIT is already trading at an all-time high since its listing on June 7, 2021. Yet, the strategists believe that it is very likely to extend its gaining spree in the upcoming days as the gaming platform getting traction from mainstream cryptocurrencies traders.

As of now, QBIT token is exclusively available on PancakeSwap DEX. Investors can buy it through Wrapped Binance (WBNB) tokens.  

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