This is the next 100x moon altcoin, according to analyst Randall Trzaska

Top analyst Randall Trzaska shares with his subscribers an undervalued altcoin that not only has an extraordinary development team but also 100x pump potential.

According to the trader, he finds out this hidden gem by using the Tokenmetric, a machine learning tool that conducts both technical and qualitative analysis for traders to find out the potential coins.

Idle (IDLE) Overview

As the analyst says, Idle is a decentralized finance project that lives by one simple motto: “Money should never sit still.”

Through Idle, crypto investors can establish a portfolio that best manages their risk appetite. Once users make a deposit, funds are automatically distributed among a range of DeFi protocols, enabling them to earn interest. Portfolios are regularly rebalanced when better opportunities come along, and a dashboard offers at at-a-glance insight into how funds are performing.

Idle is based on the Ethereum network. The platform has undergone several security audits courtesy of Quantstamp, which concluded in a December 2020 assessment that these contracts “are generally well documented and well designed.”

Special features

One of the most interesting features of Idle is that it allows traders to both maximize returns and optimize risk across the Defi protocol by using Best Yield and Risk-Adjusted strategy.

Best Yield strategy allows users to optimize interest rate profitability and seamlessly get the highest yield, without having to manually move funds across different lending protocols to chase the best returns.

In particular, Users’ funds are pooled together in the main contract in order to minimize gas paid for reallocating funds and provide, at the same time, the highest aggregated interest rate for all pooled funds.

Meanwhile, the risk-adjusted allocation strategy provides a way to earn the best rate at the lowest risk level.

IDLE Token

The Idle protocol is governed and upgraded by IDLE token-holders, using three distinct components: the IDLE token, the governance module, and the Timelock.

As the crypto KOL says, one of Idle’s unique selling points lies in how users do not need to move their money manually between the plethora of DeFi protocols that exist today. This is achieved through holding IDLE tokens.

At the time of the video, IDLE had a market cap of $11M and was trading at $6.48, almost 80% down from its ATH.

“I think that this one is probably one of the best-hidden gems I have seen since MATIC itself back when it was $0.01 before it went up to $2.45. This one has a 10 million dollar market cap. It’s definitely rife for the price to go up, backed by Quantstamp.”

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