This Is The Next 100x Moon Altcoin, According To Analyst Randall Trzaska

Top analyst Randall Trzaska shares with his subscribers an undervalued altcoin that not only has an extraordinary development team but also 100x pump potential.

According to the trader, he finds out this hidden gem by using the Tokenmetric, a machine learning tool that conducts both technical and qualitative analysis for traders to find out the potential coins.

Opium Network

Opium is a universal and robust protocol that allows for creating, settling, and trading any decentralized derivative. It allows anyone to build custom exchange-traded products on top of the EVM-Compatible blockchains. 

According to the trader, Opium introduces “Turing complete derivatives” and “Turing complete oracles”. This combination allows creating contracts in a broader scope than just financial derivatives. A contract for any event, such as a sporting event or even a lottery, can be set up all within the existing ecosystem. Because derivatives can be combined, it opens a huge number of use cases.

Trzaska also highlights that this is a project that has great code, great backers, a great team, and is very underpriced as its price was trading 90% below its all-time high.


OPIUM token is created for governance purposes to transfer the ownership over Opium protocol to the community. Since the token is live, the governance process will be controlled by OPIUM DAO, which is managed by OPIUM holders active participants of Opium Protocol.

At the time of the video, OPIUM was trading at $1.89 with a market cap of only $13.7M. Although the price has broken down significantly from its ATH of $21, the trader points out that its trading volume is spiking and this is a huge buying opportunity.

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