This is the hottest NFT Altcoin with no gas fee, according to analyst Ben Armstrong

Popular analyst Ben Armstrong shares with his subscribers an NFT project named Curate (XCUR), a gasless NFT marketplace with social media capabilities, offering the opportunity to make NFT trading even more accessible to the average person.

Curate overview

Curate, (XCUR) is a new gasless NFT marketplace with built-in social media components. According to the trader, this project has been in the works for years and is now finally ready for public use.

Development started way back in 2019 long before the recent NFT bull run and the wave of new companies rushing into the market, which shows that this team is passionate about this technology and dedicated to pushing this industry further, not just cashing in on the latest trend.”

Curate operates on its own blockchain and has its own token, but it will be entirely interoperable with other blockchains where NFTs are traded. Besides, Curate’s blockchain X-Chain is a hybrid between proof-of-work and Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance which allows for a high transaction throughput while maintaining a high level of security.

Besides, the addition of social media features will be a game-changer for NFT trading.

With Curate, creators can interact with their fans directly through the same platform that they are using to sell their NFTs, merchandise and memberships. These features will also be useful for traders and collectors because they can easily compare and contrast the metrics from different creators and make more informed investments.”

So far, this platform has over 10,000 active users who traded over $10 million and collectively saved over $200,000 in gas fees by using Curate.

XCUR tokenomics

The Curate ecosystem is powered by the XCUR token which is used to make purchases on the marketplace, reward collectors and creators, staking, and purchases over physical goods and services through partners like Travala, Expedia,

“Think of them as something like eBay, only with social media features and NFT trading built on top.”

As the trader highlights, the XCUR token is surprisingly scarce, especially for a social media platform. On launch in 2020, Curate minted 10 million XCUR tokens, then burned 15% of the supply a few months later, leaving the remaining circulating supply at just under 8.5 million tokens.

Before the crypto market crash earlier this year, Curate’s XCUR token hit an all-time high of over $10. It is now trading at an incredible discount of around $3.

Current market cap is just around $25 million, which means that it can move very fast once people start to find out about it. With a new gasless NFT marketplace and more features coming in the following months, we can expect this platform to grow larger.”

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