This Is A Sign For Long-Term Bullish On Polkadot

Popular analyst Aaron Arnold from Altcoin Daily unveils with his subscribers a bullish sign for long-term Polkadot (DOT) hodlers.

According to the trader, recently, Pontem, an experimental network for Facebook’s Diem project, has teamed up with Polkadot-based node infrastructure provider PinkNode.

Founded in 2020, Pontem uses Substrate, Polkadot’s software development kit, to build a blockchain with a codebase almost identical to Diem’s. The project aims to help Diem onboarding new features and solutions by first testing them in the Polkadot ecosystem.

The PinkNode deal will allow Pontem to deploy nodes and other API endpoints on Kusama, Polkadot’s canary network, to finalize its network.

“Due to deploying the nodes and API endpoints, Pontem will help developers interested in Diem test new features in the Polkadot ecosystem before directly submitting them to Diem,”

He adds: “This will also enable new projects on Diem to test their product-market fit on Polkadot.”

Through Polkadot’s interoperable network, Pontem also plans to build a bridge that connects the Diem blockchain with Ethereum, the network that underpins the burgeoning decentralized finance space and contains more than $55 billion in total value locked.

This cooperation will connect the two networks and will expose Facebook’s 2.7 billion users to DeFi. The crypto KOL states that this broadbase adoption and value of Polkadot long-term being linked up with Facebook is a strong bullish sign.

“Maybe there’s a reason Polkadot has such significant venture capital interest. The canary network Kusama is a perfect testing ground for projects like Diem.”

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