This hidden cryptocurrency altcoin gem is set to explode in 2021, according to crypto KOL Randall Trzaska

Crypto analyst Randall Trzaska thinks traders should pay attention to this hidden altcoin that is deemed to explode and gain more than Dogecoin and Cardano.


The “hidden gem” altcoin that on the crypto KOL list is the “boring” Litecoin (LTC), one of the first cryptocurrencies derived from Bitcoin which tried to address some of the original cryptocurrency’s adoption issues.

The trader cites Litecoin’s recent announcement that “Grayscale trust has purchased over 174,000 Litecoin, this is approximately 80 percent of all the Litecoin mined last month”.

“As a matter of fact, LTC is trading at a 1,800% premium via Grayscale’s Litecoin trust…And now why would that be happening? Well, when you purchase Litecoin via Grayscale, you have to hold it for a year. These people who are purchasing it expect that in a year Litecoin is going to be worth 18 times”, says Trzaska.

Additionally, Litecoin also “has been working on some stuff that is about to come to fruition”.

“Litecoin MimbleWimble code might be ready in early 2021!”.

Mimblewimble is a blockchain protocol that allows for a completely private transaction platform through a unique security framework that is markedly different from that of the pseudonymous Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Not only that, the crypto KOL also provides the “proof” that this altcoin is going to succeed by citing the article of Willy Woo, “the best analyst out there”.  In Woo’s article, it says that Litecoin is among the few altcoins that are oscillators.


“We take a look at the Litecoin/Bitcoin comparative chart right here we can see when it’s in the red. This is the time that you buy, and when it’s in the green, those are the times that you sell. And as you can see right here, this descending wedge that Litecoin is in right now is actually an insanely bullish pattern. The price will go up after it breaks out of the descending wedge. That’s just the way it goes!”.

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