This Altcoin Gem Will Pump To The Moon When The Crash Is Over

Popular crypto strategist Mike Jenkins from Coin Bureau shares with his subscribers an altcoin gem Harmony (ONE), a next-generation sharding-based blockchain that is solving limitations and problems of Ethereum (ETH).

Harmony (ONE) Overview

Harmony is a blockchain platform that developers can leverage to build decentralized applications. Harmony blockchain claims to solve issues with bottlenecks faced by Ethereum through the introduction of a new sharding-based blockchain that operates using a unique consensus algorithm.

“Harmony works similarly to how Ethereum 2.0 is going to work. In fact, you could say that Harmony is essentially a finished version of Ethereum’s next iteration,”

According to the trader, the system is designed to open doors for ultra-fast transactions and interoperability. Using Harmony’s block platform, developers can build and scale intuitive decentralized applications or dApps that can accelerate cross-chain token swaps.

In terms of adoption, the network has gained an impressive adoption metric which is the number of Harmony One Wallet browser extension downloads that has grown nearly tenfold since March.

Harmony NFTs

Harmony’s real innovation is coming from its NFT ecosystem which centers around the daVinci NFT marketplace that launched in early April.

“Harmony has seen about half a million dollars in NFT sales since that time, though I suspect most of that came from Harmony’s Crazy.One Subdomain NFT platform introduced in May,” Jenkins says,


In 2021 Harmony strives to be a top blockchain for cross-chain finance. The CEO provided a sort of roadmap update in early May this year.


In addition to flexing Harmony’s adoption metrics, he detailed some pretty ambitious products Harmony is hoping to roll out:

“The first is a non-custodial wallet that can be accessed and recovered using anything from an email to Google’s Authenticator app. The second product Harmony wants to produce is a DeFi protocol that provides an annual return of 20 percent per year on stable assets. The third product Stephen is hoping to see is a non-custodial cross-chain bridge with token transfer times of less than 3 minutes.”

When talking about price analysis, the crypto KOL says that although Harmony’s ONE coin has taken a bit of a beating in the recent bear phase, ONE seems to pump almost every time we see a bit of positive price relief.

“In addition to a strong community base, I attribute ONE’s resiliency to its above-average tokenomics.”

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