This Altcoin Could Explode Anytime, According to Conor Kenny

Conor Kenny, a Youtube Channel focused on cryptocurrency, has highlighted an altcoin that is set to explode anytime with huge potential.

Voxel X Network (VXL)

The altcoin that Conor Kenny wanted to share with his audience is Voxel X Network (VXL). Voxel X Network is a gaming incubator that incorporates an NFT marketplace, a DEX, a node system, and a proprietary blockchain.

Moreover, projects seeking help can access crowdfunding opportunities and high-tech consulting services to improve and develop their products. With this value proposition, Voxel X tries to capitalize on the massive business opportunity that is the mobile app gaming market, with 35 percent of the world’s population already being gamers.

Voxel X Network is a decentralized community-driven GameFi and metaverse ecosystem anchored by the native token VXL, which functions as a utility token for the SuperKluster.io NFT marketplace. This altcoin will be released later in March. 

They are listing on a top 15 centralized exchange Bitmark (BTM). So this could be very positive for the project. 

SuperKluster NFT marketplace is a cross-chain NFT marketplace, where you can buy and sell in-game assets. It’s the first of its kind in the metaverse marketplace space. VXL native token will power this marketplace and they are currently onboarding over a hundred partners.

So on top of the NFT marketplace, they also have the decentralized exchange where you can trade cryptocurrency securely.

We have the Voxel X node system fully distributed high speed network, high speed data, processing totally scalable on the VXL private network.

And finally, they have their blockchain solutions which will be coming in phase two just like the node system.

One of the interesting things that they have 13% for the team allocation and 3.5% for the multi-signature marketing wallet. And they will only be using this marketing wallet once they reach certain milestones. The project is self-funded by the team and they are relying on organic growth.

They also plan to be listing on a bunch of more centralized exchanges, and so much more to go through just in Q2. The Voxel X Network is a state-of-the-art financial gaming ecosystem that uses smart contracts as an investment revenue to support the gaming industry.

The project itself offers the developers a native token as a payment option for collectible sales and trading network solutions, a decentralized exchange investment, funding, exposure and node systems.

What they offer to gamers user-friendly UI a marketplace for gamers to collect and trade collectibles and a decentralized transparent private and secure applications for bridging game products with a singular form of payment.

The team currently of around 40 dedicated support members. This is a strong group of advisors developers high network individuals. They also have a bunch of partners. They have over 8,000 followers, which is doing well. That’s why Voxel X Network is a brand new altcoin that is worth keeping an eye on.

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