This Altcoin Can Explode Any Minute, According to Coner Kenny

The entire market is back in green, certain things are happening, and what should we do? Buying or selling?

To answer these questions, Conor Kenny, a Youtube Channel focused on cryptocurrency, has highlighted an altcoin that is set to explode with huge potential in March 2022.


The first altcoin to mention on the list is ICON (ICX). ICON Network is a layer 1 blockchain from South Korea. Its declared vision is to build an interoperable blockchain network bridging autonomous online communities and real-world enterprises. ICON Network focuses on delivering real-world utility by advancing hyperconnectivity through the promotion of frictionless value exchanges.

Conor chose this altcoin because the new president of South Korea pledged to deregulate South Korea’s crypto sector. This is a piece of very bullish news for South Korean crypto projects. 

Thanks to this news, the price of ICX has risen 60%. This token is trading at $0.8 and this is a massive opportunity here. This could easily do a 12x to get back to where it was before a little bit more than that maybe it’s 13 or 14x.

ICX is a cryptocurrency network that was launched in 2017 by a company based in South Korea. ICX is an associated cryptocurrency token and ICON is actually a complete blockchain network.

ICON’s aims are to serve as sort of a blockchain hub or point of connection. They have interoperability at the core of what they’re doing. They want different chains to integrate into each other and be able to have a business-focused smart chain ecosystem, where businesses can basically plug into the project and they can make the best of blockchain using the ICON ecosystem. 

This could be a booming ecosystem that is worth doing research and keeping an eye on. 

ICX Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

ICX Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

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