Theta Network has been collaborating with Chainlink to fight online video ad fraud

Theta Network and Chainlink collaborate to solve click fraud w/ universally connected smart contracts. Proving user activity wasn’t adversarial bots prevents theft of funds & correctly sends payments for better content to publishers that deserve to be paid.

According to the announcement on September 29, the solution, which is currently live on TestNet, uses Google’s Big Data solution, BigQuery, to process video performance data generated on the Theta Network and create a reputation score for each streamer based on their viewership. Chainlink oracles then broadcast the reputation scores to the Ethereum blockchain where they are stored as immutable records for online advertisers to reference when deciding where to allocate capital.

Theta Network plans to use Chainlink to expand upon this initial integration by leveraging its secure oracles to obtain additional off-chain data about viewership. This data will be used in the future to develop advanced multivariable reputation scores about online content, further increasing the reliability and transparency of online advertising campaigns.

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