These NFT projects are forming new waves in the NFT sector, says Bitboy Crypto

High-prominent crypto channel Bitboy Crypto shares with their subscribers 2 NFT projects with promising characteristics to disrupt the NFT market.


First on the list is Reb3l_Bots. Reb3l_Bots is a collection of 10,000 unique and programmatically generated from over 160 different traits. Robots are different from one another in their eyes, headwear, clothing, and tattoos, and “some are trying to resemble humans while some choose to fight against them.”

According to the traders, the project has a very interesting and long-term roadmap. In particular, their first initiative is to tell the Rebel Bots story with a comic book series after that they will work on a full NFT based game that will feature the Rebel Bots characters and allow the robot owners to train and use their robots within the game.

Besides, the project also donate 0.00125 ETH for every robot sold in which the community is the ones to choose to which important cause they will donate the money to.

The analysts also revealed that the project will soon launch its governance token to increase the dynamics and attraction to their community.

Ether Cards is a platform that provides tools for gamifying and supercharging NFTs. Ether Cards are advanced NFT cards with an initial use-case allowing the community to use the platform and its features with increased benefits.

The crypto KOLs highlights that although the wider public can still use the platform, only Ether Card owners will receive additional benefits:

“You will have access to free services, discounts, VIP Access Passes, free NFT drops, and other special Traits. Over time, cardholder benefits will expand to other platforms, websites, real-world events and items, and industries.”

Besides, the projects appeared more attractive as it starks difference from many of the NFTs that have swamped the digital art world:

“Each card carries a smart-contract-based “trait” designed to prompt continued user engagement. These second-order utility traits bolster Ether Cards’ value proposition, granting them staying power that a tokenized photo of someone’s cat utterly lacks.”

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