These are 2 hidden NFT gems that are poised to explode

Popular crypto channel BitBoy Crypto shares with their subscribers 2 hidden NFT projects that are gearing up for their rallies.

Cyber Hornets

Cyber Hornets Colony Club is a collectible brand with 8,888 unique ERC-721 non-fungible token art pieces with public proof of ownership and authenticity stored on the Ethereum Blockchain.

According to the KOLs, the Cyber Hornet art pieces are designed from scratch and randomly generated from over 340 unique traits. Owning a comic book style Cyber Hornet not only grants membership to join their growing Colony, the owner will also receive access to future benefits and fun within the Hornet Colonies for all those seeking that Hornet Life.

“The Cyber Hornets are primed to break out given their utility and their insane artwork.”

Ether Towers

Ethereum Towers is a decentralized, community-first, social real-estate experiment. The concept of Ethereum Towers is a simple array of towers, apartments and floors that are community-owned, and decisions are influenced as a collective.

“Ether Towers is a hot new drop hitting the market. Different utilities for this project helps separate itself from the rest.”

Importantly, as the traders say, the majority of these “apartments” are currently free to mint. Besides, Ether Towers’s roadmap looks to reward holders in a way that most projects do not do.

So, instead of them going into the metaverse and actually building towers in like, say, Sandbox or Decentraland, they came out with NFTs very similar to what we were talking about with Loot boxes. They have like a particular floor, room. It could be a luxury room or a legacy…Maybe you can buy the penthouse. So it’s a very cool way, and then they’re planning on, later, taking those funds and bringing it to a metaverse, and actually building it.”

He adds:

“They’re going through all the steps necessary. They’re making sure everything’s going to be legal. They want to have, you know, community airdrops. They want you to earn income from just holding an apartment here, whether it’s, you know, staking your apartment, whatever. They have really, really big things.”

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