There are serious security vulnerabilities on TikTok, will Blockchain be soon applied on this video platform?

According to Checkpoint, Tiktok is showing a severe security vulnerability. It is this security vulnerability that allows an attacker to gain control of a user’s account as well as gain their personal information. Therefore, it seems that ByteDance Inc., the owner of TikTok, will quickly switch to Blockchain as the application security vulnerability increases.

And the solution of TikTok will be Blockchain?

ByteDance released this information before making its recent commitment to Blockchain technology. ByteDance is currently actively exploring Blockchain technology and will probably apply it to TikTok as soon as possible. Moreover, with the latest security vulnerabilities, the speed of deployment and research of new technologies will be accelerated.


Demo video of the attack on TikTok | Source: Checkpoint

A few weeks ago, it was reported that ByteDance was working with China State Media to deploy Blockchain and AI into its business model. The joint venture will be called Pengpai Audiovisual Technology Company and is expected to cost $ 1.43 million. Its focus will be on the security and digital rights of short videos.

Although the joint venture was particularly secretive, the focus on audiovisual content led people to believe that one day it would be done on TikTok if successful.

That transition couldn’t come earlier for TikTok, because the app was burnt because of its security flaws. Hackers were able to hijack individual accounts through malicious links and upload videos without the knowledge of individual users.

Oded Vanunu, head of product vulnerability research at Isreal, a cybersecurity firm based on Check Point, said:

“The security vulnerabilities found are the core of the TikTok system to function properly. They are very serious, and TikTok should have an update to fix this vulnerability.”

TikTok needs to strengthen authentication and content management

However, in addition to security vulnerabilities, there is another reason TikTok decided to dig into Blockchain, that they want to use this technology as a means to verify video content. With the recent release of TikTok’s in-depth capabilities before much criticism, some have claimed this is a step too far, and the authenticity will be challenging to decipher.

However, this seems to be part of a long game for TikTok, with its new Blockchain collaboration specifically focused on ‘digital rights,’ one day, we might see a corporeal system. Blockchain-based intelligence is deployed on the application. This means that TikTok will be able to authenticate its users and provide deepfake capabilities, a first for the industry.

In short, the recent controversies surrounding TikTok create a strong case for the company revolving around Blockchain technology. We already know that ByteDance has been actively working with it, and current events can accelerate deployment for security purposes.

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