The Zinken testnet launch was a success, Ethereum 2.0 is coming

The launch of the Zinken testnet went smoothly, Danny Ryan, the Ethereum Foundation’s lead coordinator for Ethereum 2.0 says today.

Zinken is the last scheduled “dress rehearsal” for testing Eth2 genesis—the creation of the first block in the new chain—before the proof-of-stake network can go live.

The testnet was organized following the bittersweet launch of Spadina, the first rehearsal that aimed to test the launchpad for stakers.

Zinken became the first testnet that passed the finalization threshold within a few minutes of its existence, proving to be the most successful testnet launch so far. While it was still below the ideal of 90%, participation was above 75% since genesis.

Like Spadina, the Zinken testnet is concerned with getting genesis right. For the Ethereum 2.0 blockchain to launch, the network needs to first have over 16,000 validators—users running the software—and 500,000 ETH deposited. Those numbers were reduced for the Spadina and Zinken testnets for practical reasons.

Danny Ryan was optimistic the ETH 2.0 may be forthcoming in 2020.

“That’s my impression (that a 2020 launch is on target). This is an ongoing dialogue with client teams, and we need to take a second to look at this testnet. But it is my understanding that this will trigger the next series of things. There’s always blockers that might show up, so we need to do this responsibly.”

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