The XRP price bullish thesis of Ripple community is debated

Matt Hamilton, a former director of developer relations, has taken on prominent YouTube blogger Mark Moss on XRP and Bitcoin.

Moss first questioned the XRP community’s bullish thesis, which he linked to the assumption that the cryptocurrency will be in demand because it “helps banks transfer money faster.”

The blogger frowns as they accept XRP instead of Bitcoin, the freedom currency. Yet, in Hamilton’s opinion, Moss does not fully comprehend XRP, as he openly asks. According to the former Ripple official, XRP is required to move value precisely without using banks. That is the entire idea of cryptocurrency, Hamilton concludes.

At the same time, Moss believes that the notion that banks or other significant financial organizations require XRP is absurd. Why would the Fed or IMF utilize XRP when they could simply build its own counterpart, such as FedNow?

Several followers were dissatisfied with the opinion and accused Moss of inciting discord in the crypto community when the industry is under growing regulatory pressure.

In contrast, the YouTuber believes that the crypto community should unite around technologies that promote private ownership and people’s power, like Bitcoin. Moss concludes that BTC is your bank while XRP is for banks.

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