The XRP millions stolen by PlusToken keep going to exchanges but it’s unclear who is doing it

XRPlorer’s CEO and founder, Thomas Silkjær, shared some recent data about scammers from the PlusToken project stealing millions of XRP and a large number of other cryptocurrencies from investors.

The XRP millions stolen by PlusToken keep going to exchanges but it’s unclear who is doing it

According to Thomas Silkjær, the remaining 88 million XRP ($ 24,089,150) left from 485 million XRP ($ 133,389,050) stolen is still scattered among around sixteen wallets. About a third of them have been moved to the HBTC exchange recently.

Nearly 300 million XRP were withdrawn from there in June to July 2020, or $ 82,122,103. Meanwhile, a total of 32 million XRP ($ 8,782,581) were transferred to the HBTC exchange. It looks like hackers have started to cash out in the past fourteen days.

However, it is still unclear whether that huge amount of money was sent to that exchange by who was behind. Scammers or legal agents with seized cash?

In a tweet on August 18, Silkjær said:

“12 million XRP was moved to crypto trading platforms and 120 mln XRP remained in the shuffled pool in order to shuffle the coins and make them harder to track.”

In response to Silkjær’s tweet, an unnamed exchange shared that a law enforcement agency sent them 12 million XRP.

From 2018 to 2019, the PlusToken scam raised about $ 3 billion in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, XRP, ETH, USDT, OMG). And after “that success”, they disappeared.

In June 2019, six members of the scam group were arrested and one was indicted at the end of May of that year. However, in a post in her Forbes, Silkjær said:

“Due to the fact that in October 2019 large amounts of crypto continued to be sent from PlusToken wallets, the rest of the PlusToken team may still be on the loose.”

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