The world’s oldest family of bankers, Rothschild Investment, have made a bet on Bitcoin

The world’s oldest family of bankers, Rothschild Investment Corporation, are betting on Bitcoin. This information was revealed after Grayscale Investments was holding 2% Bitcoin and 2% Ethereum. Furthermore, US regulators may allow large investors not to disclose a large amount of Bitcoin holding in the future.

Rothschild Investment Corporation has made a bet on Bitcoin

The adoption of Bitcoin by the Rothschild Investment Corporation, owned by the world’s famous and oldest banking family, will take this trend of institutions to new heights. However, if the SEC decides so, financial institutions will stop disclosing their Bitcoin holdings below $ 3.5 billion.

Nearly 20 major financial institutions have acquired GBTC products offered by Grayscale Bitcoin Trust from Grayscale Investments, LLC. Among those investors are big investors such as Ark Invest, Addison Capital, Corriente Advisor, …

It is known that Rothschild owns GBTC worth $ 235,000, which is 27 Bitcoins in terms of shares. These institutions have filed paperwork with the SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) for those investments.

However, some people on Twitter suspect that the Rothschild Investment Corporation is affiliated with the famous banker family.

These investors reported to the SEC on their move; however, the regulator could soon raise the threshold for this official report from $ 100 million to a minimum of $ 3.5 billion. If that happens, the list of financial institutions that have invested in Bitcoin will fade, as they will not have to disclose less than that.

This may not be good for the industry as the community and other investors will not know about any major players receiving Bitcoin. Unless companies disclose this information themselves, so do MicroStrategy and Jack Dorsey’s Square.

However, a Market Rebellion co-founder Jon Nigarian, when talking to Anthony Pompliano on his “Off-The-Chain” podcast, shared that many big investors are concealing the fact that they hold BTC. This is done to prevent a sudden price surge caused by their purchase if they decide to expand their BTC position.

You can see the Bitcoin price here.

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