The world’s largest oil producer Saudi Aramco facing $50 million in Monero (XMR) cyber ransom demand

According to the AP News, on July 22, Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil producer, confirmed that some of its company files had been leaked via a contractor after a cyber extortionist claimed to have seized troves of its data last month and demanded $50M as ransom and demanded payment in Monero (XMR).

The company said in a statement that third-party contractors had indirectly leaked the company’s data. The data breach was not due to a system breach and had no operational impact.

“We confirm that the release of data was not due to a breach of our systems, has no impact on our operations, and the company continues to maintain a robust cyber security posture,” Aramco told AP.

The hacker said it had obtained information on the location of oil refineries, as well as payroll files and confidential client and employee data.

In another post, the hacker also offered prospective buyers the chance to purchase the data for about $5M.

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