The value of XRP holdings has plummeted, meanwhile 212 mln XRP was recently transferred

XRPL Monitor had just discovered 212 million XRP transferred between cryptocurrency exchanges and anonymous wallets when the price of XRP dropped to $ 0.13. Meanwhile, at press time, Ripple’s shares are only worth $ 8,481,003,410, $ 10 billion lower than the $ 18,795,505,796 that XRP achieved on February 15.

212 million XRP were transferred when the price dropped further

XRPL Monitor continues to share data on the vast amount of XRP that has moved while the price of the third-largest coin continues to fall. The Twitter bot reported that in the past eight hours, about 212 million XRP was transferred. Stakeholders here are cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase Pro, Bithumb, and Coinone, including several wallets with unregistered owners. If calculated in dollars, this amount is equivalent to $ 29,807,200.

Meanwhile, TradingView shows the XRP price has dropped to $ 0.13. The above hefty transactions may indicate that traders are buying the dip.

Tanya Abrosimova, an analyst at FXStreet, said the prospect of XRP could be improved after it pushed above $ 0.15 – the middle line of the 1-hour Bollinger Band.

Bollinger Bands use two standard deviations to measure volatility and assess price action. Abrosimova is currently looking to see if cryptocurrency assets can handle resistance at $ 0.175.

“A sustainable move above this area will allow for an extended recovery towards SMA100 1-hour at $0.1930, which is followed by a stronger barrier created by psychological $0.2000.”

Ripple owns more than half of the existing XRP and created a margin program by the end of 2017 to manage its holdings. The company opens 1 billion XRP from margin each month, sells a relatively small portion, and pays the rest to the deposit.

Ripple provides advice on remote employee management

As Coronavirus is spreading globally, more and more companies are asking their employees to work from home. One of Ripple’s IT engineers, a remote team management expert, advised on how to best organize remote work for office workers.

Nik Bougalis, the cryptographer in charge of the C ++ team at Ripple and co-founder of Code Lab Laboratory, sent to Twitter to advise people struggling to manage their employees remotely.

Nik is encouraging people to ask him questions and, from the outset, is giving some general advice, as well as recommending messaging apps that can ensure the best communication between remote teams.

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