The University of Tokyo and IBM collaborate to put “quantum computer” into practical use

To innovate technology, develop a quantum computer and practical applications of quantum computing to expand the Japanese quantum computing community, economic innovation, Tokyo University, and IBM have officially cooperated.

University of Tokyo and IBM signed MOU to develop a quantum computer

Besides, both organizations will set up the Japan-IBM Quantum Partnership, expanding to universities, community research organizations, and many other industries. All can participate and research together on quantum issues. In the long-term plan, Tokyo University and IBM will develop technologies that include hardware used in next-generation electronic computers and set up test facilities. This includes freezing technology and microwave testing functions.

According to a newsletter released today, advances in quantum computing technology have the potential to make advances in supply chain optimization and create new financial models.

Google’s “quantum transcendence” demonstration

In October 2019, Google announced it had demonstrated “quantum transcendence” with quantum computers. Specifically, the technology giant has successfully built a supercomputer capable of solving a problem that takes 10,000 years to solve within 3 minutes, 20 seconds.

Google notices:

“Until now, this test marks calculations that can only be done by quantum processors.”

Quantum computers have been a problem with cryptocurrency supporters before. In 2017, experts said that quantum computing technology would undermine the security of the Bitcoin Blockchain system.

However, on September 24, Peter Todd, former developer of Bitcoin Core, denied the concerns about Bitcoin Blockchain when Google announced it had reached a new milestone in quantum technology. Todd believes that the cost of manufacturing new Google inventions will even make Bitcoin safe shortly.

Besides, Kano, another developer who expressed his opinion on this topic, pointed out that if the security of Bitcoin is broken, the impact on society will be much more significant when the Internet row broke.

Besides, regarding the content of computing power, Kano said that:

“Calculations that took about 10,000 years to use the fastest supercomputer were completed in 200 seconds. I think I solved a non-generalizable calculation in a short time. It’s wrong to report that we solved complex calculations in a short time.”

Besides, Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, is not at all impressed by the perceived threat Bitcoin faces from Google’s quantum computer.

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