The Shapella Network Set to Upgrade on Ethereum Network at Epoch 194048 on April 12, 2023

The Ethereum Foundation has announced the upcoming activation of the Shapella network upgrade on the Ethereum network, scheduled for 22:27:35 UTC on April 12, 2023, at epoch 194048. The Shapella upgrade follows The Merge, and will enable validators to withdraw their stake from the Beacon Chain back to the execution layer. This upgrade introduces new functionality to both the execution and consensus layers.

The Shapella upgrade combines changes to the execution layer (Shanghai), consensus layer (Capella), and the Engine API. Execution layer changes included in Shanghai are EIP-3651: Warm COINBASE, EIP-3855: PUSH0 instruction, EIP-3860: Limit and meter initcode, EIP-4895: Beacon chain push withdrawals as operations, and EIP-6049: Deprecate SELFDESTRUCT. Changes to the consensus layer for the Capella upgrade are specified in the v1.3.0-rc.5 specifications.

The upgrade introduces Full and partial withdrawals for validators, BLSToExecutionChange messages, which allow validators using a BLS_WITHDRAWAL_PREFIX to update it to an ETH1_ADDRESS_WITHDRAWAL_PREFIX, a prerequisite for withdrawals, independent state and block historical accumulators, replacing the original singular historical roots.

Stakers and node operators are advised to read the Withdrawals FAQ for more information on how they should prepare for Capella. From now until April 5th, the Ethereum Bug Bounty rewards have been doubled for Shapella vulnerabilities.

The Ethereum Foundation has released a list of client releases supporting Shanghai & Capella on the Ethereum mainnet. Validators are advised to be especially mindful of the risks of running a majority client on both the execution layer (EL) and consensus layer (CL). The Ethereum Foundation also released a Withdrawal FAQ for stakers to prepare for Capella.

As an Ethereum user or Ether holder, there is no need to take additional steps unless informed by your exchange or wallet provider. Non-staking node operators should update their nodes to the version of their Ethereum client listed in the Ethereum Foundation’s list of client releases. Stakers should update both their beacon node and validator client to the version of their Ethereum client listed in the Ethereum Foundation’s list of client releases.

If a staker or node operator does not participate in the upgrade, they will be stuck on an incompatible chain following the old rules and will be unable to send Ether or operate on the post-Shapella Ethereum network.

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