The SEC’s request for a 60-day extension of the discovery deadline in the Ripple case has been granted

According to information from Ripple and SEC’s attorney, James K. Filan, judge Sarah Netburn, has approved the request for a 60-day extension to the discovery in the Ripple case. And accordingly, Ripple also quickly requested the SEC to hand over documents related to BTC, ETH, and XRP. Including FinHub emails and OEIA documents, of course.

The court granted the SEC’s request to extend the discovery deadline in the Ripple case to October

First, you can follow the tweet below by James K. Filan:

According to the attorney, it could also be as simple as Judge Torres needing additional time to work through the substantive motions. As such, the deadline for rapid discovery will now be extended to August 31. Expert discovery will run until October 15.

The judge’s move caused a lot of controversies. However, think about it, discovery extended because the SEC is not complying with the production of documents. This gives the judge and in fairness Ripple to get them, review, respond.

Furthermore, there are also many opinions that this is a good decision & in estimation the correct one. Why? If Ripple wins – the argument for SEC appeal (based on unsuitable discovery timeframe) gone. And we can find it interesting that this 60 day period ends around the time Jed McCaleb is done selling his XRP, 59 days to be exact.

As AZCoin News reported, Ripple has vehemently opposed this request because delaying the litigation process would pose an existential threat to its business in the US. Ripple also argued that the SEC could not come up with a good reason to justify the discovery extension.

But it seems that this point of view is not very interested in the court!

In the latest developments, Ripple still resolutely filed a reply in further support of its Motion to Compel the SEC to turn over internal BTC, ETH, and XRP documents, FinHub emails, and OEIA documents.


Source: James K. Filan/Twitter

There are many opinions that the Unfair notice motion is giving the right to terminate this case for sure. All parties felt it that way, especially the SEC. Therefore such a ruling order must take all attention of the Judge, especially with the SEC intimidation. The motion ruling order is underway.

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