The SEC will hash things over with Ripple during a new telephonic conference, which will take place on May 21st

Judge Sarah Netburn decided to hold a new phone conference with Ripple (XRP) in the middle of the US Securities and Exchange Board. The conference will take place on May 21st.

A new telephonic conference between Ripple and the U.S. SEC has been scheduled for May 21

Ripple and the SEC will discuss the issue of submitting documents regarding the regulatory status of XRP. In addition, the two sides will jointly comment on the recent petition filed by the agency to compel the production of documents related to legal advice that Ripple has received and the disputes in the case. place this bet.

The SEC is breaching the Ripple fair announcement protection flaw before the offensive motion.

The judge has yet to decide whether the SEC will submit a request for a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to obtain information from domestic and foreign partners as well as the currency exchanges of the defendants. A recent conference on this matter took place on April 30.

People have said before that EOS and KIK are both “regulated” having been ruled on and having paid fines. I think these don’t compare to the Ripple/SEC case in several ways, plus the settlement of each happened during a bear market to projects with relatively low liquidity.

Personally, we think the most severe damage the SEC could inflict on XRP markets is already behind us, and even with a favorable court ruling, they’ll be churlish towards correcting the record. The SEC will lose and still monitor and track XRP markets FOREVER. Meanwhile, the (US) market might decide that this past litigation isn’t worth (or be worthy of) a multi-trillion use case.

You can see the XRP price here.

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