The SEC has asked the court to bar XRP holders from participating in the case

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has asked the court to revoke the amici curiae status granted to holders of the XRP.

SEC Wants Court to Revoke XRP Holders’ Amici Status

Led by attorney John Deaton, a group of XRP holders filed a motion to intervene in the case in March 2021. Although the court rejected their attempt to insert themselves into the case last October, they did manage to obtain amici status. This made it possible for XRP holders to file “friends of the court” briefs. In May, Deaton asked the court to file an amicus brief regarding the opinions of Patrick B. Doody, the SEC’s expert.

The SEC says that the movants’ proposed brief would simply “duplicate” the defendants’ efforts. In addition, the SEC has pointed to the fact that Daubert motions, a type of motion that seeks to exclude the presence of an expert’s testimony, are not dispositive motions. Ripple recently accused the agency of taking “an extreme position” on expert reports, accusing it of attempting to suppress “substantive criticism.”

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