XRP Forensics: The number of victims of email scams targeting XRP investors is growing rapidly

According to XRP Forensics, the number of victims of email scams targeting XRP investors is growing rapidly.

XRP Forensics: Email scams involving XRP targeting hardware wallet owners

In January 2020, the media repeatedly reported about XRP-related attacks and scams. And in the past two days, the number of victims has increased rapidly, reaching more than 20 people in less than 48 hours.

More than 20 victims contacted XRP Forensics said that because they were worried and did not know who to contact, after reporting the lost money, the money was washed away by the scammers.

Furthermore, these scam emails target owners of hardware crypto wallets.

The XRP Forensics team pointed out that these scammers began targeting XRP investors earlier this year. Since then, however, they have become more professional, especially when the market starts to rise.

XRP Forensics stated:

“They are operating very professionally now, but not back when they started in January. They have clearly learned some things along the way. So connecting the current cases to those of January is a great lead for investigators. We are more than happy to help.”

In this particular case, the analyst team says that owning a hardware wallet is riskier for crypto users than not, as scammers have now become adept at stealing their cryptocurrencies. However, only hardware wallet owners are at risk of sharing their 24-word security phrase when they participate in staking or receive community crypto rewards.

When entering the market, you should first be cautious about profitable projects or offers because 90% of them are definitely scams.

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