The New Sports Economy Institute (“NSEI”) has filed a brief against Ripple motion for summary judgement

The New Sports Economy Institute (“NSEI”) has formally filed its amicus brief supporting the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in the Ripple case.

Ripple v. SEC: Plantiff’s Supporter Formally Files Amicus Brief

The brief says that the Howey test, which determines whether or not a particular asset is a security, remains “the gold standard” regarding flow-generating assets.

If a certain asset doesn’t generate cash flow, the investor should know that “the only path to profit” is to find another speculative buyer. NSEI argues that average investors do not even realize that they are speculating.

When applied broadly, the Howey test still points to the fact that the “XRP scheme” is a security, according to the brief. It adds that those who invest in the Ripple-affiliated cryptocurrency are “certainly” dependent on the efforts of others.

When it comes to XRP, speculative fervor “far outweighs” any consumptive intent, which remains “minuscule.” In NSEI’s option, crypto as a currency is “a failed vision.” However, this asset continues to act as a chameleon in engaging in regulatory arbitrage by reinventing different narratives.

NSEI concludes that classifying XRP as a non-security would give investors a false sense of security.

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